6 Things to Do In Case of A Dog Attack

The dog is known to be one of the best pets for families and also the “man’s best friend.” Dogs not only live with you as a part of your family but also protect your house. But whether the dog is yours or somebody else’s, you have to stay careful while dealing with them. Dogs are animals, after all, and you never know when they can attack you. 

It can be a traumatic experience if a dog bites you. Therefore, you must know how to treat that injury. Taking timely measures is crucial in such situations to prevent bacterial infection from spreading in your body. 

Let’s find out what you should do in case of a dog attack. 

  • Get Medical Treatment Right Away

You must know that dog bites can cause serious damage. The wound may seem small, but it can cause permanent scarring and harmful infections. Therefore, you must seek medical assistance as soon as possible to get your wound cleaned and avoid any serious health complications. 

The bacteria that enter through the wound of a dog bite can also cause staph infection. If it is not properly treated, then it can be extremely dangerous. 

  • Seek Legal Assistance from a Local Attorney

If a dog attacks you, then consult a local attorney who has experience in handling relevant cases. The benefit of hiring a local attorney in dog bite cases is that they are aware of the state laws, so they can guide you accordingly.

For example, if an incident of a dog attack occurs in Tennessee, then find top attorneys there with a proven track record. Do proper research and shortlist local attorneys who have a good reputation and have been working there for years. Consulting a local attorney with relevant expertise can significantly help with your case. It can help you know about the Tennessee dog attack laws, so you will be able to take the right legal steps accordingly. 

Every state has different laws related to dog attacks, so local attorneys know how to establish your case by taking statements and getting essential details. In some states, you may not have to pay the consultation fees, which can reduce your financial burden. 

  • Follow Doctor’s Advice 

Infections are common when it comes to dog bites, so you have to carefully follow the doctor’s instructions related to wound cleaning. From changing the bandage to taking necessary care of the wound, you have to pay attention to different things. 

You must also take essential antibiotics that your doctor recommends for the prevention of infection. In short, you cannot afford to show any negligence in this case. Therefore, you must take the right steps for the healing process as per the doctor’s recommendations. 

  • Report to Local Animal Control

Every state has local animal control authorities. Therefore, you must report the dog bite incident to the local animal control authorities. You must find out the local animal control department and contact them. 

The animal control department conducts an incident investigation. It helps them figure out what exactly happened and ensure that dog is vaccinated and identified. By identifying the dog owner, the local department creates a report to properly document the dog attack. This report can also help you in getting the verdict in your favor from the local court. 

If the department does not provide you with the report, then you can submit an application to obtain the complete report of the incident. You can also declare the dog dangerous on your own if the animal control department fails to take any action. 

It is better to know how the animal control department works in the specific state where the incident has occurred. It will save you time and effort to speed up the legal process. 

  • Find the Witnesses and Document the Proof

To achieve the desired outcome in court, you must find the witnesses of the incident. Try to collect the contact details of the eyewitnesses and keep this information safe. 

People who live in nearby areas of the incident can also be your witness. If they can tell you that the particular dog has also bitten someone in the past, then those individuals can be important witnesses in your case. It will help you prove in court that the dog owner was aware of the dog’s dangerous behavior but still did not do anything about it. 

Apart from witnesses, proofs also hold special significance when it comes to winning cases in court. Once you get stable after the incident, try to take a photo of your wound. Take photos clearly from all possible angles of your wound throughout the healing process. It will give a clear idea to the judge about the severity of the wound and the damage it has caused. 

  • Know About Dog’s Vaccination History

It is essential to know whether the dog that has bitten you is vaccinated or not. You must ask the dog owner to provide you with the documentation of the vaccination history of the doctor. 

If the dog is not vaccinated, then you must let your doctor know, so they can take these points into consideration while recommending treatment and medication for you. Additionally, it will make your case stronger in court, and you may receive compensation for it. 


It can be tough to handle an uncontrollable dog who is trying to attack you, as not everyone is physically strong to tackle such situations. You must keep track of different things to avoid any health complications that can occur due to dog bites. Try to get medical assistance right away that will help you get your wound properly dressed and cleared. More importantly, you must know about crucial factors that can help you get the result in your favor in court. Hopefully, the tips mentioned in this article will enlighten you on what you must do in case of a dog attack and take care of yourself in such an unfortunate situation.

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