6 Tips for a Better Run Homeowners Association

Running a homeowners association is no easy task. There is a lot involved and it keeps each person on the board rather busy. But if you want to make your community as great as it can be, it’s essential that you always look for ways to manage the property better. Below are 6 tips you can use to better run your homeowners association. Hopefully, some of them will help you and make for a more enjoyable community.

Get More People Involved

The first tip is to get more people involved. Homeowners associations are community groups, meaning you have to get more of the community involved. One way of doing this is by increasing turnout at homeowners association meetings. If you can make the meetings a little more fun, or have them finish a little more quickly, more people are likely to attend.

For example, try giving out door prizes to all the attendants or playing some quick games at the start. Another option is to ask for volunteers whenever you are hosting some kind of event. People are more likely to care about something if they have some involvement with it. Therefore, look for any opportunity you can find to increase engagement between the homeowners association and the residents.

Create a Sense of Community Spirit

Next, work on instilling a sense of community spirit among the residents. You’ll have an easier time running the association if everyone feels a part of the group. You may also have fewer problems to deal with if everyone has a vested interest in making the community nicer. For example, if residents see a piece of recycling on the ground, encourage them to pick it up. This will keep the community nicer for everyone and reduce some of the work of the homeowners association. Try hosting some more community events so that everyone can get to know one another better.

Stay Organized

Organization is a big part of running a homeowners association. You need to stay on top of a lot of different things, from budgets to events to new residents. If you don’t have a solid organization system in place, you’ll likely have trouble keeping track of it all. Spend some time getting everything your homeowners association handles more organized. This could mean grabbing some file folders, rearranging things on a computer, or creating a new organization system altogether. Do whatever it takes to help yourself keep on top of everything.

Come Prepared

A key part of running your homeowners association’s meetings is coming prepared. Residents will not only want the meeting to move quickly and efficiently, but they will have questions that need answering. You should plan out the agenda for the meeting beforehand and make sure each board member knows what is being discussed. You should also try to plan ahead for any questions that might be asked. For instance, if you know there’s going to be some construction work in the area, try to find out how it will impact people and when it is expected to be finished.

Know the Important Documents

Running a homeowners association requires a lot of documents. If you’re going to be running things, you need to know these documents well. According to Ardent, a property management company in Miami, “Knowing your governing documents does not only build credibility when you’re communicating with neighbors. It also helps you avoid violating your bylaws by accident.” Spend some time going through the governing documents and get clarification on anything you don’t understand.

Ask for Feedback

Finally, you should ask your residents for feedback. Ask them how you can improve the area, what the board could be doing better, how to improve the meetings, etc. Your residents will likely have some great suggestions for how to improve things and they will appreciate being asked for their feedback. A good way to do this is by asking for feedback at the end of each meeting, or creating a place online where residents can submit feedback at any time.

Of course, if you’re going to ask for feedback, you have to put it into action. Make it a point to regularly review the feedback you have received then look for ways to implement the suggestions. Even if they don’t ultimately work, your residents will appreciate the effort.

Always Look to Improve

There are always things you can do to improve how your homeowners association is run. The key is to always look for those new ideas and to be open to suggestions. Try implementing some of the tips above and see if they help. Then, keep trying new things until everyone is satisfied with the way the association is running. It may take some time, but it is well worth the effort.

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