6 Tips on How to Organise a Memorable Food Event

Food events are a great way to get together with friends, family and colleagues. They can be an opportunity to celebrate occasions, launch new products or just have some fun. It is important that these events are memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved. Here are top tips on how you can create the perfect food event:

1. Hiring an Event Caterer

When it comes to organizing a memorable food event, hiring a professional caterer like these caterers in Sunshine Coast can take your event from good to great. The first thing you should do is find a catering company that understands your vision for the event and is passionate about food. In addition to this, it helps if they know the local food scene and can provide recommendations for dishes that suit your tastes.

2. Using a Sustainable Food Packaging

You can improve your event experience for both you and your guests by using sustainable food packaging. Here are some ideas:

  • Use biodegradable packaging. You can find biodegradable options in compostable plates and cutlery, as well as in reusable cups and glasses.
  • Use glassware over plastic ware whenever possible, to reduce waste from single-use items like water bottles or soda cans.
  • Use reusable plates instead of disposing of them after each use you’ll be surprised how much less often this will happen once people get used to it. Plus there will be less trash on hand when the event is over!
  • Compost anything that isn’t recyclable (including paper products) so that nothing goes into landfills unnecessarily and remember that any food scraps should also be sent off for composting as well.

3. Hiring a Food Photographer

Food photography is a great way to promote your business. It’s also an easy and affordable way to show off your food, which will help you market and promote events. If you’re hosting a food event, consider hiring a professional photographer to capture the event as it unfolds. A good photographer like this food photographer in Melbourne has the right equipment and skills to get all of the action shots as well as some close-up shots that will make your dish look even more appetizing than it already does.

4. Create the Menu

The next step is to choose the right type of food and ingredients. You want to make sure that everything is easy to prepare, eat, and transport. This will ensure that your guests won’t get tired or frustrated during their meal.

For example, if you’re having a picnic in the park, then sandwiches are probably going to be easier than steak tartare because they’re lighter and easier to eat out of hand. You can also consider making finger foods instead of full meals if there are going to be lots of people at your party who won’t have time for a sit-down meal.

If you’re serving alcohol at your event (such as wine), make sure that it’s served warm so that no one gets sick from drinking cold beer/wine straight out of the bottle.

5. Bring Music to the Table

You can use music to set the mood of your event. If you want to create a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere for guests, play soft classical music that doesn’t draw too much attention away from the food. If you’re hosting a party, choose upbeat dance tunes that get everyone in a good mood and make them want to dance.

If you have live entertainment planned for your event, make sure they’re playing popular songs that will keep people entertained throughout the evening. If you don’t have any live performances planned but do want some background noise while people are eating and chatting with each other, try playing some upbeat music through speakers or via headphones so everyone can enjoy it without having to listen very closely.

Music can also be used as an entertaining addition to any food event by setting up stations where guests can sing along with their favourite songs while they eat! This is especially fun if there’s a theme involved; for example, if there’s going to be karaoke at your barbeque this weekend! You could even assign different genres of music for each station (e.g., country/western songs would work well during dinner). As long as there’s space available on stage where one person isn’t blocking another person’s view into their microphone; then you should be able to get away with just about anything when it comes down how many performers should participate per genre.

6. Decorate with Flowers

Decorating with flowers is one of the best ways to add colour and life to a venue. They can be used in several ways, including:

  • As table centrepieces for each table.
  • To decorate your venue or event space, or around the perimeter of it. You could also use them as decorations at entrance points like reception desks or at tables where guests need to sign-in (if you are using guest lists).
  • In addition, they can also be used as decorations on the walls; this way they create a lovely softening effect by reflecting light from soft sources such as candles.


When you’re organising a food event for your company, it can be difficult to know where to start. From hiring caterers and decorators to creating the menu and choosing music, there is so much involved in putting together an event like this. But if you follow these tips, your next corporate event will be memorable for all the right reasons.

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