6 Tips To Choose A Profitable Niche In Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is becoming a very popular source of passive income for a large number of people these days.

However, many affiliate marketers tend to fall short because they don’t do proper research before picking a niche.

It is not impossible to find a niche which is right up your alley and is able to make a good amount of profit. Given below are some tips to help you choose a profitable niche

  1. Choose A Niche You Are Passionate About

It is always better to choose a niche which you are passionate about and familiar with. This way, you will have sufficient knowledge about the topic and won’t have to spend a lot of time doing research or hire someone to make the content for you. You will also enjoy building your affiliate website rather than considering it as a chore.

  • First you should make a list of all the niches you love and have knowledge about.
  • Filter out the niches according to their growth potential by doing some market research.
  • Identify a good sub-niche within the niches you have listed.
  1. Select A Niche Which Has High Demand And Low Competition

It can be hard to create your own space in highly competitive niches. It will be extremely hard for your website to get good rankings if you choose a niche which is highly saturated with a lot of big players. You will also be investing a lot of time and effort for nothing.

Successful affiliate marketers usually work on niches which have low competition but high demand or traffic. Try to identify specific niches within broad niches which will give you an edge over your competitors.

You can make use of keyword research tools like WordStream or Google’s Keyword Planner to find good keywords with low competition.

  1. Search For Affiliate Marketing Niches Which Offer Good Commission Rates

If you want to make a good profit with affiliate marketing, you have to choose a niche which offers a good commission rate. Affiliate marketers who make a steady income stream through affiliate marketing usually work for affiliate networks which offer high commission rates.

One of the best ways to earn big commissions in a small time period is to engage in high ticket affiliate marketing.

So, what is high ticket affiliate marketing?

You promote high priced products or services which can earn you a commission of $100 or more per sale. Do research on high ticket affiliate marketing programs which involve products or services relevant to your niche.

  1. Choose A Niche Which Has A Good Number Of Monetization Options

It is always recommended to choose a niche which has many monetization options since this will enable you to have multiple income streams. Very often affiliate marketers tend to focus on only one affiliate program like Amazon and end up missing out on other great affiliate programs.

You can check Amazon to see which product affiliates promote in your niche. You must make sure these products are something you would use yourself since they are being recommended by you.

Similarly, look up products on other affiliate networks like ClickBank and Commission Junction. It is good to have several monetization options so if one of your top earners cuts you off, you will still be receiving income from other sources.

  1. Check Whether Your Niche Has A Good Range Of Traffic Sources

You can do this by looking up websites which are in your niche. Evaluate your competitor’s website and see how they are attracting search engine traffic.

There are plenty of online tools which will help you research the traffic sources of websites. It is also highly advisable to pick a niche which attracts a large number of visitors from social media.

  1. Find Market Deficiencies Or Market Gaps

Performing a market gap analysis can help you find a niche which has a narrow gap in the market.

Visit your competitor’s websites and see what they are missing and how you can add to it or improve it. Perhaps you have more valuable information which can help people in a better way than your competitors can.


With proper research and the right marketing strategies, you can build a successful affiliate website. Furthermore, you get to enjoy creating content about a niche you love and earn money in the process.

Author Bio:

Res Marty is a successful affiliate marketer who makes a steady income every month from affiliate marketing. He started Affiliate Academy to help people achieve their dream of becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

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