6 Unusual Branded Product Ideas To Give Away At Your Next Event

Events are a great way to promote your business or brand. But if you don’t have branded products to give away, you miss out on a huge opportunity to promote your business to potential customers after the event has finished. However, finding the right branded products for your event isn’t always easy with all the options available. You want the products to be memorable rather than boring or predictable. Like any other marketing activity, you need to think about your target audience and what type of item would be the most relevant and interesting.


Unusual promotional products for events

Some of the best-branded products are useful and something that people will use for a long time, or even better, will use publicly for a long time. Here are six unique branded products you could give away at your next event.

1. Customised journals

Journalling is experiencing a surge in popularity, and writing journals have never been in such high demand. Even with the rise in technology, sales of notebooks and planners are soaring. You can jump on this trend by investing in professional-looking writing journals to give away at your next event. Journals can be customized with your logo and branding, ensuring that they will think of your business every time they sit down to write.

2. Personalised lighters

Lighters with customisation options offer a unique way to lighten up any marketing campaign. Branded lighters are a great way to promote your brand and provide event attendees with something practical to use every day. Personalized lighters are perfect for goodie bags and giveaways and can be used all year round for lighting the stove, candles, and even the BBQ.

3. Glitter putty

Instead of handing out branded stress-relieving toys – which are relatively commonplace at events – offer glitter putty instead. With your branding on the container, the glitter putty is a memorable giveaway that will provide attendees with endless fun. They will get plenty of enjoyment out of stretching and squeezing the gooey material.

4. Facemasks, scarves, and neck gaiters

As most people attending events must now wear a face covering, it makes sense to offer attendees branded face coverings. Choose one that is versatile and will last the test of time. Scarves and neck gaiters can also be used as headbands, hoods, hats or scarves during the winter. With customizable options available, it’s a fun and practical way to leave a long-lasting impression.

5. Smartphone gloves

If your next event will be during the winter, then branded touch screen gloves are the perfect product to give to event attendees. The knitted smartphone gloves from Igo Promo allow people to keep their hands warm as they use their phone, thanks to the conductive material in the fingertips. With your logo printed on the cuff, people will be reminded of your business every time they wear them.

6. Earbuds and headphones

As we increasingly turn to our electronic devices to stay connected, earbuds have become an essential workplace tool. With your logo printed on the case, giving out custom branded earbuds at your next event will allow recipients to stay plugged in and connected, as well as promoting your business to others while they wear them!

Giveaways are an effective way for businesses to generate leads at events. But most people who attend corporate events will be very familiar with the dull and uninspiring items given away. You want to convince people that your brand is cutting-edge and innovative, but you won’t achieve that with plastic pens and keyrings. There are lots to think about, but most important is whether the giveaway reinforces your brand identity and whether it’s cost-effective.

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