6 Virtual-Only Events Ideas to Stay Connected With Your Customers

The popularity of virtual events soared in 2020 due to people’s restricted physical movement. Although the tides may shift eventually, there is no doubt virtual events will remain a top option when there is a need for any type of corporate or business gathering.

This is because digital events can be as interesting, fun, educational, and engaging as in-person ones. Additionally, they are highly accessible; interested attendees who may not be able to attend due to travel costs won’t have to worry about this anymore.

Without the need for physical attendance, a virtual event can reach more customers, allowing your local brand or organization to go global.

Joining a virtual event as a speaker also means you’ll have lower expenses overall since you won’t have to budget for a venue, event staff, sound system, and other items.

The right tool can give you a variety of metrics that can help you plan future events. These include:

  • The actual number of people who attended.
  • The number of attendees who logged on at a particular time.
  • The speakers with the highest engagement rate during an event.

It is also easier to track attendance when an event is held online.

Whether there is a need for isolation or not, online events can help you stay connected with your customers, place your brand front and center, and achieve your business objectives.

Best Ideas for Engaging Digital Events

Although virtual conferences are not as new as they once were, they are still very challenging to execute well. Sending attendees a carefully designed gift bag is one of the least expensive ways to make a memorable impression. You can give gift boxes for virtual events. You may visit Swag Bar to know more about this.

Planning an online event with the main purpose of connecting and engaging with customers, though, can be challenging.

When you hold the wrong type of event or execute it poorly, you won’t be able to impress and gain new customers. You might even lose your current ones.

Having the right idea for your digital event can help make it stand out and keep your customers engaged. With the right concept or theme, you can connect with customers effectively and achieve all the goals you set for your virtual gathering.

If you want to host a successful online event that allows you to connect and engage with your customers, here are six ideas you can consider:

1.    Product Launch   

Consumers are still on the lookout for new products that they need or want.

You can introduce new merchandise to your market and connect with consumers at the same time by organizing a virtual product launch.

An interactive digital product launch is a great way to showcase your latest product, build hype around it, and close some sales during and after the event.

To get people excited about your product launch, offer a discount or special gift to attendees who want to purchase the new product in advance or during the launch. Another option is to set up a giveaway contest for guests where they can have the chance to win the newly launched product.

Create buzz around your event by using social media and encouraging confirmed and possible attendees to share your event details.

2.    Tutorial or How-to Class

A tutorial or how-to class or seminar is another event idea you can consider after a product launch.

Hosting a how-to class or seminar after a product launch allows you to help your customers know the ins and outs of the new item you introduced and how to use it.

You can also share tips and tricks on using the product to help your customers get the most out of the product.

Additionally, consider hosting regular tutorials or how-to classes or seminars to give customers opportunities to refresh their knowledge regarding product use. If you specialize in tech tools, this type of event is also an excellent way to educate consumers about the product updates and upgrades they need to know about.

3.    Virtual Tour

A digital event allows you to provide customers with additional information and entertainment, which, in turn, can help you stay connected with them.

A virtual tour of your premises, production area, and other specific places in your workplace can give your customers an idea of what your company is all about. If you manufacture your own products, you will also help them understand and appreciate your merchandise better.

Including your team in the digital tour also allows customers to know more about your brand on a deeper level, which will help them connect with you in a more personal, profound way.

To create a digital tour, you can put together a slideshow with high-quality photos of the places, people, and procedures you want to show and then present it during your event.

Another option is to stream a live video tour or pre-record one that you can reuse and repurpose.

4.    Virtual Concert or Comedy Show

Providing your customers entertainment is another great opportunity for you to keep them engaged and interested in your brand and offerings.

Host a virtual music event by hiring a band or musical artist and streaming a live concert. It is a fantastic way to give back to your customers and provide them with a temporary respite from their problems and worries.

Another option is to hire one or more comedians and sponsor a stand-up comedy performance. This is a smart strategy that lets your customers know you are a fun brand.

Consider adding a behind-the-scenes section to give the attendees a more personalized and memorable experience.

It will also give your audience a break from their tedious routine.

5.    Health and Wellness Seminars

Highlighting or incorporating activities that educate attendees on improving their lifestyle and becoming healthier physically and emotionally are guaranteed to capture your customers’ interest.

Online health and wellness seminars and classes can help cement your customers’ loyalty and gain new ones as well.

These events allow you to switch things up and deliver unexpected yet highly appreciated value to attendees.

Aside from organizing an online yoga, Pilates, meditation, boxing, or Zumba class, you could also plan cooking classes headed by healthy food chefs.

You can also incorporate these short seminars or classes during a long corporate event.

6.    Fundraising Event

Whether you are a nonprofit organization or not, showing your altruistic and charitable side will allow you to score plenty of points with your customers. It will also enable you to stay connected and engaged with them.

A gala is a virtual fundraising event that you can consider hosting. Before the actual dinner, send all attendees a specially curated box that contains everything they need for a festive atmosphere on the screen, such as hats, domino or masquerade masks, food, and beverages.

Other fundraising ideas that work well as digital events include online auctions, virtual races, and game and movie nights.

If yours is a private company, you can donate the proceeds to a cause of your choice, but make sure your attendees know this beforehand.

There is no shortage of clever, fun ways to connect with your customers virtually.

Take note of these ideas when planning your digital marketing strategy and you’ll never lose the essential bond you have with your valuable customers.

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