6 Ways How Technology Is Transforming The CBD Industry

Numerous changes are already happening in the CBD industry. There have been new regulations all over the world accepting the use of CBD legally. This has improved the demand for this product, not to mention boosted the growth of the industry. More people are now growing hemp and cannabis for the production of related products. With more states and nations allowing for medical and recreational marijuana, these products’ market is assured. This type of motivation has triggered a transformation in the CBD industry as more people are interested in the products being offered. Proper marketing of CBD continues to boost the growth in the industry. However, relaxed legalization and increased awareness are not the only reasons why the CBD industry is growing. Technology has also played a major role in this positive advancement. Below are some of the unique ways that the use of technology has improved this industry’s transformation.

1.   Makes Extraction of CBD Better

Research shows that the CBD market in the US will get to $20 billion by 2024. While many things could contribute to this figure, one of the obvious reasons is that there are better CBD extraction methods used today. Gone are the days when people would use old techniques to get the purest forms of CBD. Before you buy a Sunday Scaries, you need to know the product you intend to use with it.

Some of the extraction methods used contribute to the purity of the CBD oil, tinctures, and other products. One of the most common extraction techniques is supercritical CO2 extraction. This is an improved technique used to extract CBD from the plant. Being one of the latest methods used, it is also quick, safe, and clean. It is an affordable and easy way of extracting CBD oils and wax from cannabis. Most companies prefer it because it makes sense and is effective as well. This explains why the technique has been widely adopted by many.

2.   Growing Lights

Marijuana requires enough light to grow. While it is easy to grow cannabis in warmer tropical climates, it is also possible to do it indoors where the climate is not naturally favorable. In such cases, the process can be expensive because it requires the use of expensive equipment. The high electricity bills also contribute to these costs, making it economically unreasonable. Fortunately, improved technology makes it all better today.

The use of LED lighting means that cannabis farmers can invest in a more sustainable and affordable lighting system that guarantees an all-year-round growth of the plant. LED bulbs are perfect because they produce the right spectrum of light without too much heat. LED bulbs are essential because of the ability to control the right temperatures. The introduction of these lamps in the cannabis growing world makes it easier for farmers and other stakeholders to supply cannabis for extraction continuously.

3.    Improved Bioavailability

CBD products generally have a low bio-availability status. However, it increases the human body’s ability to absorb more of it into the bloodstream with nanoencapsulation. Most of the time, the body eliminates 80 to 90 percent of the CBD one consumes. This happens because CBD is majorly available in oil forms.

It means that it is not water-soluble. Nanoencapsulation improves the situation by breaking down CBD molecules into smaller, easily absorbable particles. As such, it increases CBD’s bioavailability.

4.   Personalized Products

The CBD industry has grown to the point where personalized products are easily available for customers. The aim is to offer a tailored solution for every potential customer.

What may work for one person may end up being ineffective for another. The availability of various CBD products, including oils, tinctures, gummies, and edibles, increases each customer’s possibility of finding a perfect fit for them.

5.   Enhanced Data Collection and Market Research

The growth of the CBD industry is almost guaranteed because of the continuous research that goes on. Most companies have invested in Big data, which means that information is easily available. Such information is crucial for making essential sales and marketing decisions.

It also means that most industry players can invest in targeted branding and marketing that supports survival even amid competition. Manufacturers and growers can also invest in the right techniques because they can access information on the latest inventions that work. The use of AI and Big Data helps marketers in the CBD industry make positive progress.

6.   Improved Banking and Tracking

It is easier to ascertain CBD product’s quality today. The ability to track the product from the seed stage to when it’s extracted and packed makes it easy to verify and guarantee quality. Besides that, tracking software is used today, making it easy to track. The banking barrier has also been eliminated.

CBD oil and crypto currency are a futuristic trend worth watching out for. The coming together of the two means that any legal issues on the transaction have been simplified. It is now easier for CBD participants to transact and bypass banking systems because of cryptocurrencies.

Final Thoughts

Technology changes a lot of industries, and CBD is no different. The new improvements in the sector make it easy for the business to grow. Participants need to choose what works for them. The bottom line is that technology is the way to go for future progress.

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