6 Ways To Boost Your Online Store’s Profit

Increasing sales is usually the primary goal of many online businesses, small companies, and giant marketplaces alike. 

However, many online store owners may still struggle to profit even with constant traffic and a large following on social media. There could be many reasons for this, like poor website navigation or lousy customer service. 

The good news is that it’s possible to boost profit when you follow the six tips below. By the end of this guide, you’ll understand what tools and takeaways you can apply to your online store to improve it. 

But before you begin working on improving your profit, ensure that you have a unique website domain name by using a domain name checker. A unique domain name will make your website memorable and outstanding. 

1. Focus on Website’s User Experience

Having seamless navigation is a great way to improve your website’s UX. 

Display an overview of options on the homepage, including current promotions and the product variety. A whopping 70 percent of people scroll the whole homepage during their first visit to learn what the business offers, so make sure yours is easy to navigate and esthetically pleasing. 

It’s also essential to have an easy purchase process to help prevent cart abandonment. One way to do this is to offer guest checkout, so users can purchase without having to register for an account. 

An alternative is to make account registration easy. For instance, Myntra lets its customers continue the checkout process using their Facebook or Google accounts. 

2. Understand Your Buyer Persona

A buyer persona refers to a fictional representation of your ideal customer. 

Generally, a buyer persona includes customer’s information on demographics, motivation, and pain points. Understanding this information helps you personalize content, marketing campaigns, and promotions that suit your customer’s interests. 

It’s also possible to have several buyer personas. For instance, if you sell stationery, you may have buyer personas like students and office workers.  

If you own an active website, Google Analytics is a helpful tool for finding user information, such as main interests and gender. An alternative is to reach out to your sales team and profile your current customers.  

3. Use Social Proof

Social proof helps show that other people have used your product and found it valuable. 

Several ways to use social proof for your online store are:

  • Displaying user reviews. 
  • Showing shoutouts or mentions from celebrities, influencers, or industry experts. 
  • Having brand ambassadors. 
  • Using user-generated content. 
  • Sharing milestones, awards, or certificates. 


Buffer can be a great tool for social proof. It mentions the size of its customer and follower bases and its popular marketing partners. This helps show that many people have used and trusted the brand. 

4. Invest in High-quality Product Images 

HIgh-quality product images can make an excellent first impression and convince visitors that the product is worth buying. 

Pick the highest resolution setting on your camera or smartphone when taking photos to have good photo quality. It will give you the best image quality to start with, and you can minimize the file size when editing. 

Also, shoot multiple angles and important areas, like buttons or fabrics, to provide more details. Or, consider taking 360 product images to make all angles visible. 

5. Improve Your Customer Service

Your customer service team’s fast response and answers help visitors quickly understand which products would solve their problems. As a result, they can continue their purchasing journey without wasting much time. 

88% of customers expect businesses to respond to their questions within one hour. Tools like live chat and chatbots are helpful to speed up your response time because they enable real-time communication with your website visitors. 

To install chatbots or live chat on your website, use third-party software like Drift or ProProfs Chat.

6. Offer Great Deals and Promotions

Offering deals and promotions can be a win-win solution for brands and customers. Customers will feel that they pay less, while brands can increase sales, attract customers, and move aging products. 

Kinds of deals to boost your online store’s profit are:

  • Discounts
  • Cashback
  • Flash sale
  • Buy one get one free 
  • Product giveaway 
  • Free shipping

To maximize the effectiveness of your promotions, create a sense of urgency. Doing so can encourage users to take the offer as soon as possible because it has limited time. 


It’s also necessary to offer deals on special occasions to build momentum and create measurable targets. They can be on weekends, in summers, or during back-to-school seasons. 


Gaining profit is essential to keep your online business sustainable. Having a lower turnover may seem daunting initially, but it’s possible to increase it if you have the proper tools.   

To recap, here are six ways to improve the profit of your online store:

  • Improve your website’s UX
  • Create buyer personas. 
  • Use social proof, like showing testimonials and awards.
  • Take high-quality product photos. 
  • Install live chat and chatbots for better customer support. 
  • Offer promotions, like discounts and giveaways. 


We hope this article helps you find the best solutions to increase your online store’s profit. Good luck!

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