7 Best Help Desk Software & Ticketing Systems for Startups in 2024

How can help desk software and ticketing systems benefit your startup?

As your customer base expands, you may start experiencing an increased number of support requests and consequently a backlog of unresolved issues. 

This could be bad for your startup.

You cannot really provide the right support to your customers without the help of a good help desk software and ticketing system. There will be inefficiencies, delays, and an increasing number of angry clients (very likely).

In fact, according to HubSpot, 90% of customers rate an “immediate” response as essential or very important when they have a customer service question. 

Help desk software and ticketing systems are instrumental in streamlining customer support so that your team can have an easy time resolving customer issues and enhancing their experience.

This article will highlight the best help desk software for startups in 2024, to get you started in your pursuit for efficient customer support.

Let’s get started.

3 Tips for Choosing Help Desk Software

a) Tool Integration

 When picking any software for your startup, you want to ensure that it can integrate seamlessly with other tools to save you time and increase efficiency. Rate Point is a website that offers free alternatives to popular help desk software, it’s always worth checking this site before you commit to buying anything.

If your software is separate from other business solutions, your staff may not achieve optimal productivity. Some essential integrations to consider include reporting tools and RMM software.

b) Ease of Implementation

The whole idea of technology is to simplify operations. Therefore, the help desk software you pick should be easy to use with a user friendly interface and easy to navigate menus. 

Additionally, the system should be easy to implement to facilitate easy migration from your old system. 

c) Streamlining Capabilities

A great help desk software should help you and your staff get work done faster and  this is often through streamlining operations. 

For instance, consider a system with an efficient self-service option where end-users can submit tickets and get assistance through suggested fixes. For submitted tickets, your team can resolve them in order of importance.

Here’s the best help desk and ticketing software for 2024.

1. Glassix

Glassix is the best software for customer communication.

If you are experiencing a backlog of unresolved customer and staff issues, you should consider Glassix for its incredible features and ability to boost customer satisfaction.

Glassix ensures that you stay connected to your customers always by providing the ultimate omni-channel experience by enabling your team to maintain conversation continuity across multiple channels. 

This feature is backed by conversation history that allows you to view a customer conversation history across channels, agents, and  chatbot. With these features, your agents can promptly resolve customer issues without wasting time asking about their issues multiple times.

The chatbot features enables you to always be there for your clients even when you are not. And to provide a human-like interaction, the chatbot is coupled up with a conversational AI that you can train.

Regardless of the industry you are in, Glassix is designed to accommodate your unique needs in order to enhance customer satisfaction.

Key features:

  • Glassix’s real-time takeover allows your agents to closely monitor chatbot conversations and take over to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Glassix visual chatbot builder enables you to easily create no-code flows that can be launched and deployed to all channels.
  • Conversation routing engine allows you to create custom routing rules to automatically assign conversations to the qualified agent.


Get in touch with Glassix for pricing.

2. Giva

Giva is a great all-round customer support software for startups to large businesses.

If you are looking for robust software with a host of features, Giva is a great pick. All Giva’s functions work seamlessly together to increase productivity and reduce operational costs. 

Giva’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Copilot helps teams quickly answer questions, rewrite text into a positive and customer friendly tone, and summarize tickets.

Their Chatbot can also help customers 24×7 to resolve their own issues.

It provides a self-service portal that gives them access to 24/7 assistance, to help quickly resolve issues. Additionally, Giva’s Tsunami Tickets feature is useful during emergencies or when many customers are calling. All related support tickets are linked to expedite resolutions. Also,Ticket Macros can populate default information into a ticket so agents can work more rapidly.

Key features:

  • Giva’s comprehensive knowledge base helps you save time by allowing you to leverage resolutions previously created for similar tickets.
  • Giva’s painless and robust analytics provide insight that help you make better data-driven decisions. 
  • It has a highly customizable dashboard with prebuilt dashboard widgets that you can arrange how you want.


Starting plan: $59/Per Agent/Month License Cost.

3. Stames

Stames is the best cloud-based software for sale and team communications.

The software allows you to manage all customer and staff support requests, questions, feedback, and complaints across several channels such as WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook.

If you are often leaving your customers waiting or forgetting to attend to them, Stames eliminates this problem by sending reminders and notifications to staff and admins via SMS or email.

In addition to cutting down on the time spent on day-to-day time consuming processes, Stames tracks the time to provide data that can be used to make data-powered decisions to enhance business productivity.

Stames is similar to most help desk software in that it provides a self-service portal where customers have access to customer support and can leave feedback on each resolved request.

I recommend Stames for startups in 2024 because of its multi-channel communication feature and ability to track every lead.

Key features:

  • Stames automotive features allow you to automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks to save time and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Stames provide real-time insights on your customer support and tracks how your agents interact with your customers during the resolution process.
  • Stames offers collaborative tools that allow staff from the same department to collaborate in order to deliver the best customer experience.


Starting plan: $12.99 per month paid per user added.

4. Simplisys

Simplisys is one of the easiest-to-use service management software.

If you have multiple data channels, Simplsys offers a great platform that takes all support requests from all channels and allows you to manage them from a single platform to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

This way, you don’t have to waste time switching between applications.

In addition to that, Simplysys has an integration module that facilitates the integration of the software to third party applications to enable you to have all your favorite tools in one place.

To make work easier for your support team, the software has a dynamic knowledge base where you can publish known errors and workarounds that your staff and customers can access using the self-service portal.

Implement Simplisys into your startup in 2024 for its easy-to-use interface, dynamic dashboard, and knowledge base that can significantly improve customer support.

Key features:

  • Simplisys has a knowledge base that expedites the resolution process by auto-providing workarounds and articles to staff and customers.
  • For enhanced security, Simplysis provides a roles and permissions feature that gives access to business records based on what actions can be performed based on permission.
  • Simplysis’s surveys give customers a chance to provide feedback on how they perceive the customer service provided by your business.


Starting plan: $20 per agent per month.

5. The Water Network

The Water Network is a knowledge sharing platform for water professionals.

It provides free resources to organizations, startups, and individuals. So if you are looking for help desk services but your budget is a little bit tight, this could be a great starting point.

It is good to note that, because of its nature, it could be lacking in several features available in paid help desk software and ticketing systems.

The Water Network has a search feature you can use to find answers your staff  or customers seek. Moreover, you can filter your searching by field and time or search using keywords for quick finds.

Additionally, the site allows users to ask questions that can be answered by other users to help you get assistance on any issue.

I recommend The Water Network for startups with low budgets since it provides free resources to help improve issue resolution.

Key features:

  • The Water Network has a search bar that allows you to search for any topic using keywords and filters.
  • The Water Network allows you to ask any questions for other users to answer and help you find an efficient resolution for your issue.
  • Using the business exchange feature, you can create services or products that you can sell to increase revenue.


The Water Network is a free knowledge sharing platform.

6. Screensteps

Screensteps help desk software has the best knowledge base for better performance.

This software does more than just help your customer support team manage support requests–it empowers them to perform better. 

Sometimes your team may not know how to solve a particular issue which may culminate in panic and confusion. However with Screensteps’ dynamic knowledge base, your employees can leverage articles and digital guides to efficiently assist customers.

Additionally, finding these digital guides is made easier by a google-like search which enables your staff to find anything in a matter of seconds for timely resolution.

It is also worth noting that Screensteps is easy to use with built-in training courses and videos to help your new-hires to efficiently do their job.

Screensteps is among the best help desk software to assist and train your customer service staff so you can concentrate on expanding your business.

Key features:

  • Screensteps’ analytics features gives you insight on how your knowledge base is being used by your team, who is using it, how they are using it, and what terms are being searched and not found in order to improve your content.
  • It has a robust arsenal of content creation tools to help you update your existing knowledge or create one from scratch.
  • You get a call map that helps your call agents easily provide assistance to customers even when they don’t know what to say thus reducing training time.


Starting plan: $250/month for 10 users.

7. Infraon

Infraon provides automation and collaboration tools for your support team.

The software provides a suite of products that work together to optimize productivity and enhance customer support.

Without proper software, delays and disasters are inevitable. Infraon’s help desk platform allows your teams to collaborate to deliver a cohesive and seamless help desk experience to your customers.

Additionally, the platform is fully integrated to enable your support team to work with other departments to deliver the best customer experience. 

Some essential integrations possible with Infraon include email to ticket, AI driven chatbots, and a self-service portal.

Data is important in any business.

Therefore, Infraon uses its supervisor capabilities to monitor and track your team’s performance and loop you in so you can make data-powered decisions. 

Startups can leverage Infraon’s comprehensive collaboration features and ticket management capabilities to transform how they handle support requests.

Key features:

  • Infraon’s automation feature enables you to automate key support workflows like ticket creation and routing to save time.
  • Infraon smoothly integrates with external applications to enhance how you deliver customer service and eliminates the hassle of switching between tabs.
  • It delivers data analytics and BI-rich reports that provide insight on your business to help you transform your customer support.


Starting plan: $19 Per agent/month. 


Customer support is critical to any business. That’s a no brainer.

With clients always seeking instant assistance and getting frustrated over long wait times, it is imperative to deliver an unparalleled customer experience.

Actually, data shows that nearly 60% of customers are not inclined to wait more than one minute for service and 32% will not wait at all.

Do you now see how a help desk software can set you off to success?

This list highlights the best help desk software and ticketing system in the market, but Glassix stands out from the rest. It delivers a host of remarkable features that enhance customer communications to deliver the best experience. 

Some of its notable features include conversation routing engine, visual chatbot builder, and easy-to-use interface.

Giva is also a great alternative if you have  a rather smaller team, but want to provide 24/7 support to your customers. 

Overall, all the tools I’ve included in this list are exceptional solutions worth a try. Just pick one, take it for a spin and see which one aligns better with your startup’s needs.

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