7 Best Tiling Solutions For Your Home

Renovating our own home is an extremely challenging and daunting task at the same time. People usually spend a lot of time while selecting the best wall paints, flooring, and overall interior and exterior. But even if everything is perfect, having the best tiling done at your home is also something that is a must need to give your home a royal look. The right tiling solutions can actually change the entire look of your home. We always recommend finding the best solution for you. You should always pick a trusted source like Tile Joint.

On the other hand, with regards to the interior and exterior of your home, one thing that you should focus on is the tiling solutions for your home, along with flooring, which also plays an important role. In this context, below, we have come up with some of the 7 best tiling solutions for your home. So, let us have a look below:-
  1. Ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Both made of clay, porcelain tiles are comparatively denser, heavier, and stronger than ceramic tiles. However, both porcelain and ceramic tiles are easily accessible in a wide variety of colours, patterns, textures, and finishes. On the other hand, these both types of tiles are water and stain-resistant too and are pretty easy when it comes to maintaining them. But in comparison to ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles don’t crack or get chipped easily and are also more expensive. Though, these types of tiles can undoubtedly be considered as a tiling solution for your home.

  1. Vitrified tiles.

Yet another tiling solution for your home, vitrified tiles also come in various sizes and designs that exactly match the look of natural marble. Vitrified tiles can also make your walls look elegant and give them a royal appearance. Furthermore, the tiles are also highly durable, easy to maintain, stain-resistant, and also have a reflective surface which makes the entire home look more spacious and appealing. However, at times vitrified tiles may become slippery when wet.

  1. Laminated wooden flooring.

This is yet another tiling solution that can add warmth to the decoration of your home as it copies the look of natural wood. Again, this is also stain and scratch resistant and is also easy to install. However, laminated wooden flooring may get damaged if moisture seeps into the substrate.

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  1. Tile flooring and luxury vinyl plank.

Again, this type of tiling solution for your home is also water and scratch-resistant, easy to uphold, and is widely obtainable in various designs that also copy the appearance exactly like wood. This type of tiling solution is highly apt for damp laden areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, etc. However, a major drawback can be that tile flooring and vinyl planks are not opposed to UV light and also have a propensity to become lighter in sunlight.

  1. Sheet vinyl.

Sheet vinyl tiling solution for your home is actually one of the cheapest flooring materials which are readily available in the market. Easy to take care of with a soft underfoot, the material is also thin and comes with a flexible flooring option. On the other hand, sheet vinyl can also be easily rolled out and installed in a single portion.

  1. Terracotta tiles.

Yet another tiling option that is in vogue nowadays is terracotta tiles. These tiles are earthy and give your home a warm and rustic appearance, making it apt for both indoor and outdoor use. These tiles are also widely available in various shapes and sizes.

  1. Natural stone tiles.

Last but not least, natural stone tiles also make a less expensive yet appropriate tiling solution for your home if you love to give a natural stone look. These natural stone tiles are strong and highly durable too. The best part is that no two tiles look alike due to the presence of natural grains on each of the tiles.

To Conclude

So, these are some of the best tiling solutions that you can undoubtedly prefer while having tiling work at your sweet home.

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