7 Business Ideas for Travel Lovers

Do you love to travel so much, that you wish you could earn a living doing it? Have you been yearning to travel, but don’t see how to fit it into your work-life? There are many ways to combine your love of travel with your career. If this appeals to you, read our 7 business ideas for travel lovers, below.

Yacht Rentals

Start a yacht hire or boat rental business. If you have the means to do so, this can be a very lucrative income stream. But location is one of the most important factors when starting a boat rental business. 

For example, if you offer boat rental in Miami or Fort Lauderdale, you are almost guaranteed success. The boating culture is huge there, so do your research, and determine what services people desire when they hire a vessel.

Partner with related businesses in the area, and tailor sailing packages to best meet the needs of your potential clients. You don’t need a large fleet to get started. You could start small, with just one boat, and slowly build up your business to include other vessels and services.

Guided Tours

Become a local tour guide. It’s one of the best jobs for people who love to travel. Many intrepid travelers go on to become tour guides and eventually start their own tour companies. 

This can be small and centralized, offering local tours at first. And in time, tours further afield can be added. Once again, do the groundwork. Investigate what is on offer in your region. Find out if there is an interest in specific types of tours. 

This may include game drives, hiking tours, backpacker tours, or historical expeditions. It is largely dependent on the area you decide to operate in, and your knowledge base and skills.

Tourism Blogs/Vlogs

Want to combine your love for the online world with your love of travel? Are you a keen writer? Create a blog site dedicated to new trends in tourism, and share your travel adventures with the world.

By partnering with travel brands, you can build a financially rewarding small business, while interacting with other travel lovers. Introduce short vlogs for more interest, and encourage participation in sponsored travel campaigns.

Travel Agency

Establish a travel agency. While you may think that there is a lot of competition out there, this should not discourage you. The key is to find a niche that is underrepresented in your region.

There is a growing market for niche travel agencies. Consider organizing travel for solo women travelers, people who want to travel with pets, or eco-warriors. Once you have settled on the direction you want to take, market yourself on sites and in community groups that cater to these sectors.

Documentary Films

Do you have any experience in the film and tv industry?  Or perhaps you are just an experienced videographer? Put those skills to work and produce travel documentaries for television. We’re not talking big-budget blockbusters here. Just honest, exciting, and relevant short films about travel. 

Focus on the historical landmarks of a particular country or the flora and fauna of a specific region. Or perhaps the best places to go scuba diving, or hiking in the mountains.

If you don’t have a background in the media, there are many ways to get started with this. Make marketing videos for a tourism company. Move on to provide video footage for travel shows. And when you are more established, you could produce your own travel documentaries. 

Virtual Tours Production 

Virtual tours became popular during the global Covid 19 pandemic when most people were not able to travel. But they still offer a great business opportunity, for those who love both travel and technology.

Not everyone can travel. This may be due to budget constraints, physical disabilities, or health concerns. Whatever the reason, many people would love to experience the joy of traveling to exotic destinations without actually having to travel.

The world of adventure and adrenaline-rushes can be theirs, with your virtual tours. Who wouldn’t want to climb Mount Everest? Or dive in a coral reef? And what about abseiling in Africa? This can be possible for everyone, with your well-executed video footage, presented in a 3D format.

Wildlife Photography

Build your photography portfolio, and put your photographic skills to use as a wildlife photographer. Great shots of wildlife and natural habitats are always in demand and can earn top dollar in the right publications.

Are you a keen photographer who would love to share your travel highlights with the world? This presents an exciting business opportunity for you. Allow others to see through your eyes, with your beautiful images. 

You’ll not only be earning a good income, but you’ll also be educating and entertaining them as well. 

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