7 Essential Items Pet Sitters And Walkers Need

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Sometimes life gets busy, so you need to hire someone to help you with your pet. Many times, people will hire pet sitters or walkers to help them take care of their pets while they go to their jobs or address other important issues. If you want to know what items you should give your pet sitter or what you should bring as a pet sitter, you can keep these ones in mind.

Heavy Duty Crate

It is ideal to have a heavy-duty dog crate at home not just to provide a cozy den for your dog and keep the furniture chew-free, but to also aid the pet sitter manage your dog’s behavior and routine better. Imagine if your dog is also an escape artist, instead of chasing the pooch around, check out Cozy Crates to look for kennels that can keep them comfortably contained into living indoors.

GPS Tracker

Many pets have GPS trackers in their collars to keep track of their locations wherever they go. For example, if a pet leaves the house and runs away, the owners can use the GPS tracker on a collar to figure out where their pet went. After all, pets can act unpredictably at times, so owners will want to find out where they went if they run away.

Since unexpected situations can happen with pet sitters and walkers, GPS trackers will help you find your pet in an emergency. To add to this point, if something bad happens to the sitter or walker, you can use the GPS tracker to find the walker and your pet. This makes GPS trackers invaluable tools since they can help owners find their pets and those with them.


If someone plans to pet sit and work with animals, they need to have a leash to go outside. After all, pets can quickly run off unexpectedly, so a leash keeps them safe from dangers while giving the sitter more control over the situation. This makes it a necessity for pet walkers especially since they need to keep the pet safe at all times.

On top of that, the pet sitter could use leashes with buttons on them to lock the leash in place as needed. That way, the pet sitter can easily stop a pet from running off or going too far from him or her. You have plenty of options when it comes to leashes, so look into the ones available and find an ideal pick for your situation.


On top of getting a leash for your pet, you should also have a harness available for walks. While leashes are necessary for walks, harnesses matter when it comes to protecting the health of the pets. This works since the leash can attach directly to the harness rather than the pet’s collar.

When you attach a leash to a pet’s collar, you run the risk of choking him or her when the pet tries to run off. Since the harness goes around the body and attaches to it, the device will stop the pet by the body to avoid whiplash or choking. With that in mind, harnesses work great as a way to keep pets safe when they need a leash during a walk.

Bathroom Bags

When pet sitters and walkers take pets outside, they need an easy way to pick up poop. After all, most people don’t want poop on their lawns, so bathroom bags work as common courtesy from the pet walker towards the neighborhood. Make sure you have a supply of bathroom bags available, so your pet sitter and walker doesn’t have to worry about running out.

You can take it a step further by leaving the bags next to the leash, so your pet sitter and walker can find it. Some owners will buy bag dispensers and attach them to the leash to have easy access to them during the walk. Either way, bathroom bags don’t cost too much money, or you can use plastic bags from stores as alternative options.


Pets become more likely to listen to people when they get treats for good behavior. This means your pet sitters and walkers can use treats to their advantage to prevent the pets from running off. For example, the pet walker can call an animal back by using a treat and reward him or her when the pet arrives.

On top of that, the sitter can reward the pet whenever he or she exhibits good behavior in the house. However, if you plan to give your pet sitter and walker some treats, you should make sure he or she limits the amount your pet receives. After all, you don’t want your pet to gain weight or have an upset stomach from too many treats.

Water Bottle

While these must-have items focused on the pet, you should also keep the pet sitter and walker in mind. You can buy water bottles for your pet sitter and walker, so you can meet his or her needs. These should be disposable water bottles, so your pet sitter doesn’t have to worry about refilling them.

Make sure you get water bottles especially if your pet sitter needs to walk your pet throughout the day. You don’t want the pet sitter to get dehydrated, so you should offer this out of courtesy. If your pet sitter will spend most of the day in the house, you should give him or her access to a water faucet of some sort.

As you hire or become a pet sitter and walker, you need to keep these items in mind. Each one will help the dog throughout while also making things easier for the sitter and walker. Make sure you check each of these items, see if you have access to them and get them ready to ensure the sitter and walker can take care of the pet.

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