7 Essential Tips To Build A Compelling Slide Deck

Creating a slide deck that effectively conveys your message, needs clear thinking, strategizing, and of course, hard work.


And when you finally have one, you can consider half your job done!

It need not be a humongous task, because there are excellent slide deck templates that you can use. Besides, if you keep in mind the following tips, you can churn out a compelling pitch deck in no time.

  1. The presentation is all about how you speak and convey the message about your presentation. When developing your presentation, the last thing that you should do is building your slides. The presentation must be enough, and the slides must act as layers of your presentation. Most often, slides look like presenter notes, but that is not a good idea. Create visually appealing slides that convey the essence of your message to the audience. Then certainly, the impact will be powerful and long-lasting.
  2. Consistency is vital, and the slides must look consistent. The fonts, colors, and more should be in parity with a theme so that the audience finds it much more acceptable. When you are using the master slide feature, you are ensuring that all the slides are more or less consistent in look and feel.
  3. Consistency is the key, and there is no doubt about it. However, one of the very intriguing things about excellent slide decks is transitions. Visually appealing transitions in slides where the color scheme changes with the changing topic are a thing nowadays.
  4. Sometimes presenters crowd their slides with too much text, and this makes the slides look clumsy. Yes, the text content is needed, but in moderation, the lesser the text, the better. More text would also mean that audience has to divide its attention between reading the texts and your speech. It is always advisable to use bullet pointers instead of full sentences.
  5. The use of images makes slides look beautiful, but you must look into it that the pictures are used carefully. There is a useful meaning behind using images. The purpose of pictures is to enhance the meaningfulness of the presentation. So images that you use must be relevant to the concept and message of your presentation. Images can be metaphorical or straight forward but must bear relevance to the presentation.
  6. Charts and graphs can make presentations very enticing, especially if the presentation consists of a lot of data. You are at liberty to use charts and graphs to represent complex data smoothly. The visual appeal of charts and graphs makes it much easier for the audience to understand the minute details. It is necessary to ensure that simple charts and graphs are in your presentation so that they do not beef up the complexities with too much data.
  7. Lastly and very importantly, use prominent symbols in your slides to direct the audience’s attention to critical parts of the presentation. You can use big arrows in certain places of your slides to point to important things.

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