7 Events to Book Group Transportation

Any event where a large group of people must drive and park is a recipe for disaster. Rather than having your guests struggle to locate the event, find decent parking, and be responsible for getting themselves home, we recommend booking group transportation. Here are seven events where it is a must-have! 

#1: Family Reunions 

From Great-Grandma Betty to little Eric, a family reunion is often both a celebration and a planning nightmare. You could have anywhere from 10 to 50 people trying to come together and reunite after many years. Whether the reunion is held on a cruise, at a restaurant, in a park, or at someone’s house, you certainly don’t want 50 separate cars taking up parking…and we all know Uncle Mike will likely drink too much. To ensure everyone has a safe and pleasurable reunion, we recommend booking group transportation vans. Whether you have four little vans to allow guests to leave at separate times or one big bus to wrangle them all, your family will be taken care of. 

#2: Weddings 

The big day has arrived, and soon your event space will be swarming with loved ones ready to send you off on the next chapter of your life. If you are hosting a destination wedding, group transportation is an easy way to guarantee that everyone gets to the ceremony on time. A destination wedding might be at a place where parking is a struggle, such as a beach, golf course, barn, or park. Essentially, if you are worried about guests getting lost, not being able to park easily, or having to walk half a mile, you need group transportation with drvn

#3: Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are one of the few moments in life where guests are encouraged to be wild, and irresponsible, and drink copious amounts of liquor. However, drinking and driving is never acceptable! Therefore, booking group transportation for your guests is an excellent way to ensure that everyone gets to every destination safely together. Plus, you can start the party on the way! 

#4: Corporate Events

Corporate events are high-profile in nature; whether it is a conference, party, shareholders meeting, or retreat, the gathering of company staff and leaders is always a large to-do. To prevent transportation issues, provide comfort, and make everyone feel like a VIP, group transportation is the way to go. 

#5: Team Travel

Let’s go team! Sporting events, no matter the type, are filled with excitement and stress. On top of that, you often have copious amounts of equipment, gear, and hyped-up players taking up space. Rather than separating the team and supplies, group transportation guarantees that all players will arrive to the match on time, with all their gear, and ready to play. 

#6: Student Events

A group of students is a force of chaotic nature that can be downright terrifying. With limited driving experience and navigation knowledge, you never know what will happen if you leave them in charge of driving themselves. Rather than risking them getting into an accident, getting lost, or parking in a space, they shouldn’t be, you can group them together on a bus. Whether you are heading on a field trip or to an event, the students will have a great time together while an experienced driver gets them where they need to go. 

#7: Senior Travel

If you have a group of seniors you need to transport, you want to keep them together to ensure a safe and efficient journey. Whether you are taking a group trip to the dentist, grocery shopping, or to the park for a yoga class, group transportation guarantees that no group members get lost or left behind. 

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