7 Good Quality Cannabis Seeds for Beginners For Easy Gardening

What are the best cannabis strains for beginners? There are many choices available when it comes to seeds for beginners. The best cannabis seeds for beginners allow you to get a lot of buds without investing a lot of money into your growing. However, many newbies get lost when it comes to choosing the right cannabis seeds for beginners. Great cannabis seeds can be hard to find, which is why I would like to recommend a few favorite brands. These seeds are well known to many experienced growers and users.

1.   AK-47 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

AK-47 is one of those virtually all-around excellent strains, with a pleasingly potent and mellow buzz that leaves you fully functional and creative. No couch-lock here — just a nice, easy high. These marijuana seeds are great for beginners because it is an automatic plant, meaning no time is spent training the marijuana to grow in a particular way, thus making growing weed easy and fun.

AK-47 feminized cannabis seeds from United Strains of America is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that medical marijuana patients most often use. Its genetic makeup consists of a cross between four landrace strains. Three Sativa plants from Colombia, Mexico, and Thailand serve as its robust foundation. An Afghani Indica, the fourth one, acts as a stabilizer against a racy onset and an increased susceptibility to spider mites.

However, beginners need persistence and industry know-how to get through the setup and flowering, which doesn’t come easily. But once you cultivate successfully, you can expect a potent strain, a cross between a California Indica and Hash Plant from the Middle East. The sweet taste of the California Indica side makes this hybrid popular among connoisseurs, while the exotic buzz from the other side blends well with almost every food. In addition, this also has a high THC level of up to 22% to offer smokers a stoned feeling.

2.   Bubba Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Bubba Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is excellent for beginners. Its genetics trace back to OG Kush and Afghani varieties, while its actual parentage remains unknown. This strain has an earthy pine scent with a hint of skunk. The flowers have a light green hue while covered with orange or green hairs and white trichomes.

Bubba Kush Feminized is one of the most iconic marijuana seeds found on Earth. It has a long history embracing more than two decades of genetics. With more than 200 awards accumulated thus far, including an award for first feminized seed, you can rest assured that Bubba Kush Feminized will not let you down.

Bubba Kush’s feminized is adequate for medical purposes and creates a relaxed mood that puts the brain in a high alert state that encourages creativity.

3.   Gorilla Glue Regular Cannabis Seeds

Gorilla Glue (GG)Homegrown Cannabis is the world’s best-known elite cannabis strain. Gorilla Kush became famous for its numerous awards, including the High Times Cannabis Cup winner of 2012. Gorilla Glue offers the same features as its predecessors but with a high potency level. True to its name, Gorilla Glue has extremely sticky buds that will undoubtedly leave you glued on your seat. That said, the Gorilla Glue marijuana seed is one of the most popular strains currently being grown by growers.

4.   Girl Scout Cookies(GSC) Feminized

Girl Scout Cookies is a predominantly Sativa strain from Colorado that became famous for its high THC level and exceptionally appetizing edible. GSC is a potent strain with a distinctive earthy flavor mixed with an aroma of coffee and chocolate.

The GSC seeds can survive in most conditions, but it is suitable for 20-22°C during the day and 18-20°C at night. The plant will grow indoors as well as outdoors. Its flowering period should expectedly last from 7 to 9 weeks.

The Girl Scout Cookies strain results from mixing the genes from OG Kush and Durban Poison, and it’s known for its high concentration of THC, which exceeds 22%. This marijuana strain bears a deep aroma that smells like a mix of various flavors found in cookies.

5.   Jack Herer Autoflower

The Jack Herer auto-flowering cannabis plant is one of the most popular varieties in the medical marijuana community. It has a pleasant taste and smell and boasts a rapid growth rate without compromising the most vital recreational and medical characteristics. It comes as feminized to ensure that the seeds sprout 99% of the time into female plants. Furthermore, the variety boasts an early flowering time for high-yields within 6 to 8 weeks with a mild light cycle.

The Jack Herer auto-flowering seeds have a shorter life cycle, making it ideal for people who want to have their seeds sprout in just65 days. If you need to grow marijuana indoors, then Jack Herer auto-flower seed strain is the plant you need. The plant grows short, stocky with compact buds that are bursting with THC.

6.   Cherry Pie Feminized

Cherry Pie cannabis seeds exhibit robust yields and high potency. Cherry pie cannabis seeds are predominantly Indica variety with a beautiful range of options for medical marijuana patients. Cherry Pie cannabis plant effects combine muscle relaxation with an uplifted, cerebral effect.

Cherry Pie is the perfect introduction to the Purple family for both novice and experienced growers alike. Cherrie Pie is an Indica-dominant strain that beginners will appreciate its short flowering time, ready-made buds, and yield.

7.   Purple HazeFeminized Cannabis Seeds

United Strains of America has ensured that Purple Haze cannabis seeds yield and potency the cannabis community wants. Purple Haze Feminized is a cross between Purple Haze and Blueberry, and they also have purple leaves and dense buds with heavy resin content. Beginners can attain a good harvest indoor under all-indoor conditions. It takes 8 to 10 weeks before Purple Haze Feminized cannabis seeds and clones start flowering and another 7 to 9 weeks before you get your harvest.

Many cannabis lovers consider Purple Haze the weed for everyone, as it is easy to grow and produces some top-quality buds at harvest. Purple Haze is an ideal starter weed strain because of its resilience, meaning you will have fewer problems with pests, mold, or other common garden diseases.


The best cannabis seeds for beginners are the ones that work best for you. There are many high-quality seeds available on the market to choose from, but the most important thing is to select cannabis seeds that match your needs and satisfies your wants. However, it’s crucial to look for a strain variety that is easy to grow, maintain, and suitable for your area. United Strains of America will provide you with high-grade strain varieties to make gardening more manageable for you as a beginner and produce a good grade of marijuana.

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