7 Industries That Are Hiring In Australia

The last few months have been a rough time for the Australian workforce. However, things are looking up, and there is hope for people looking to expand their horizons in the employment world. Here is a comprehensive list of top industries that are hiring in Australia.

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  1. Healthcare and Social Assistance

Thanks to the aging population, healthcare, and social assistance remain among the fastest-growing industries in Australia and beyond. The industry is particularly promising if the statistics are anything to go by, which show that within three decades, around 22% of the Australian population will be over 65 years old.

Besides the aging population, healthcare remains an essential service. Inevitably, people and animals will get sick at some point, which means professionals in that industry are in demand.

  1. Agriculture

Australia has a significant portion of land that goes to farming and growing crops. Therefore, we can’t downplay the role played by the agriculture industry in creating employment. Although most of the jobs in the agriculture industry in Australia go to people who come for a short-term working holiday, the narrative is changing. The industry is starting to embrace the idea of creating more posts that are permanent for full-time residents. Notably, the industry is quite diverse. To stand a better chance in the competitive industry, you can seek employment through a placement platform, such as Agri Talent Recruitment.

  1. Cybersecurity

In an era of digital transition, cybersecurity has become an exciting industry for job seekers. Since almost every business is operating online or has a digital presence, the demand for cybersecurity experts is constantly on the rise. As time goes by, business owners are acknowledging the risks involved with being hacked or data being stolen. For instance, the data could land in the wrong hands, which can be detrimental to a brand. Although most people in the cybersecurity industry have some background in computer science, it’s not a prerequisite. A good number of people have opted for other alternatives, such as taking short-term courses and self-teaching, and still found their footing in the industry.

  1. Renewable Energy

The entire world is striving towards a more sustainable way of life. Consequently, the renewable energy industry is on an upwards trajectory, which only means more opportunities for job seekers. In particular, Australia has been investing heavily in this industry in an attempt to preserve ecosystems. Keep in mind that the industry has a wide range of jobs, such as solar power, wind farming, and reliable food supply.

  1. Construction and Engineering

Undoubtedly, Australia’s population is growing. And so is the need for homes, schools, and other facilities. Given that Australia is still a young country, there is so much room for growth. This means that the demand for construction and engineering professionals is high now and in the foreseeable future. Some of the jobs include architect, building, and engineering jobs.

  1. Finance

The finance industry has gone through tremendous changes, not to mention the emerging technologies around it. For instance, cryptocurrency and other new technologies are just gaining popularity. Australia has been on the frontline of embracing these technologies and adopting new models, making the industry very versatile. For instance, the buy-now-pay-later model has gained massive traction. That said, if you have finance-related qualifications, you can make your entry into the industry with ease. For an even better chance, you can combine your knowledge in finance with a business degree.

  1. Public Safety

Like any other country, Australia needs to invest in public safety continually. That’s particularly true given the country’s unique threat- bushfires. For some time between 2019 and 2020, Australia hit global headlines due to the mass blazes that lead to the destruction of properties and loss of life. In response to those incidents, Australia is trying to step up in terms of public safety. That means hiring more planners, engineers, and more professionals.

The Bottom-Line

The opportunities in various industries in Australia rely heavily on your location. This is because Australia is vast with disparities in climate, ecology, and so much more. Therefore, you might want to research how a particular industry is performing in a given region. If it’s not, you might consider moving to a different area where the chances are better.

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