7 Reasons for City Commuting with Ebikes in 2022

Whether you’ve always wanted to ride your bike to work, or you’re just starting to think about it, there’s a good chance that the recent rise in e-bike offerings has made the idea even more intriguing. Without question, ebikes have all but eliminated the most daunting obstacles to commuting – distance and hills. Some ebikes even have a range of up to 80 miles, and coupled with a powerful 750-watt motor, both novice and experienced riders have a strong incentive to go green and buy an e-bike.

However, can ebikes for sale enable you to commute, especially during rush hour? The answer is no doubt, yes. Let’s put together a list of reasons why an electric bike could be the right mode of transportation for your regular basis.

Going further without or only a few efforts

If you consider that your office is too far away for a bike ride, well, think again! With the electric assist of an ebike, you can ride farther than you think. What do you think? Magicycle commuter ebikes have various levels of assistance to fundamentally power your ride – helping you ride farther and faster without feeling exhausted. And because you can also go faster than a regular bike, you can go farther, which means those weekend road trips are more fun too! So whether you’re heading to the office or want to meet up with friends on the other side of town, you’ll arrive on time and without any obstacles!

Pass quickly in traffic congestion

Indeed, electric commuter bikes look like conventional bikes, but don’t be fooled: Electric mountain bikes are faster, and they can drastically reduce your commute time. Electric bikes have electric pedal assist to give you the extra boost to maintain the speed you want while riding. Everyone’s preferred speed is different, so Magicycle ebikes have multiple levels of pedal support, such as “Eco”, “Normal” and “Sport”. This means you can get the boost you need in the comfort of your own pace.

But speed isn’t the only factor that can cut commute times. With an ebike, you avoid getting stuck in traffic and trying to park your car; you don’t need a shower when you arrive because you don’t sweat! Think about all the free time you’ll have: You can spend more time in bed in the morning, spend more time at the gym at lunch, and even get to your after-get work drinks sooner. It’s a win-win!

Much faster than regular bikes even cars

Pedal assist and electric-only features allow ebike riders to reach higher speeds for longer periods of time than conventional bikes. Hit 20 mph or more on battery power alone, and you can commute 3 miles in 15 minutes without even pedaling. It’s like the compact convenience of owning a motorcycle without the cost of fuel!

As for traffic jams in morning and evening rush hours, cars? Better commute by walk.

Easy charging

If you’re new to electric bikes for adults, you might be wondering how to charge them. Well, it’s no different than charging your phone, smartwatch, or earbuds. Just remove the battery, plug in the power cord, and connect the charger to the battery. simple! On average, a full charge takes about 5 to 8 hours, but the Magicycle ebike super fast charging the battery takes as little as 3 hours. If you’re in a hurry, you can always use it again before the battery is fully charged.

When fully charged, an e-bike’s range (i.e. how far it can go on a single charge) is typically 50-80 miles, depending on different factors and battery type. To maximize your range, consider using lower levels of assist, ride at lower speeds, and find the right gear. And if you run out of battery during a ride, it’s still a bike, isn’t it, so you can pedal!

Save your wallet

Spending less time driving cars seems like a good idea, yes? Gas is so high right now, but riding an ebike has advantages over simply saving money at the pump. Traveling on an ebike means less time in traffic, less car ownership costs, and more time for fresh air when you’re out and about.

By reducing your car usage in a few months, you can even save enough money to offset the cost of buying a new ebike and soon save overall household costs by riding more and driving less.

Your suit won’t get sweaty

For many who have considered cycling to work, another huge hurdle is the thought of coming hot, sweaty, and out of breath. Men’s well-groomed hair, flat suits, and women’s beautiful makeup are ruined by sweat. But with ebikes, riders can set pedal assist levels, giving them more control over how much effort they have to exert. If there is a big hill, the rider can increase the pedal assist level and pedal as if on a flat surface. Or they can go straight into full assist mode and go uphill with zero effort on the throttle. For riders less than 10 miles from work, most ebikes have enough battery life to get them to and from get off work without pedaling themselves.

More space to carry your stuff

A common complaint when cycling to work is the limited amount of things you can take with you. This is where e-bikes are a game changer. You can carry your work bag, shopping (and the kitchen sink!) – you can even put your weekend bag on the e-bike rack; these extra bags don’t mean you have to work harder, as the pedal assist system will Help you carry loads. If you want to take your kids out for a walk too, just install a child seat or a child trailer and enjoy the power and stability of the bike.

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