7 Reasons to Hire Crates for Your Relocating Business

As a business owner, you may need to transport items to warehouses, shipment centers, and other locations on a daily basis. At times, those small cardboard boxes are inadequate for managing large loads. When it comes to relocating your business, those cardboard boxes and other containers won’t work at all. You need to hire crates to ensure safe and seamless transportation of your office equipment and stock to another location.

People assume that their goods will arrive safely at a new destination. They hire a local moving company and hand the whole moving project to them. While there’s nothing wrong with hiring a professional for the job, you should pay special attention to the boxes they pack your stuff in. After all, office equipment includes computers, sensitive documents, and other expensive items that can cost your business dearly if damaged during the transport. Here’s a look at a few reasons you should consider hiring crates for your business.

1. They are Stackable

If you have ever used moving crates for transportation, you already know how stackable these boxes are. You can place the loaded stack on top of an empty or half-loaded crate. They take minimal space and offer the best storage capacity. Besides, each moving crate has enough space to easily accommodate a large number of items. This protects you from the mess caused by the regular moving boxes. Plus, crates are easy to carry to and from transport, where they can be stacked on top of each other.

2. They Keep Everything Organized

It’s normal to lose stuff or misplace your office items when there is so much to move. Moving is not a cakewalk, especially when you are moving your business to a new location. So you should have separate box for each type of item.

For example, all your files and documents should be stored in one crate, while the vases and other decor items should be placed in a large spacious crate. The biggest benefit of using crates for your business transport is that they keep your stuff organized. You can use a large stackable crate for transporting heavy-duty equipment and compact ones for small items. It’s easier to organize your stuff in these crates and you can easily label them.

3. They are Affordable

Moving crates are less expensive than used cardboard boxes. You don’t have to buy these crates, just rent them for a modest few, and have your business relocated to another location with ease. Once you are done using the crates, you can return them. You only pay for the crates you need for transport. The best part is that most crate rental companies offer this service at an affordable cost.

4. They are Robust and Weatherproof

One of the main concerns of a business during transport is the weather. What if it starts raining and your sensitive office tools stored in the boxes get wet or damaged? Ordinary cardboard boxes are anything but robust and durable. Crates, on the other hand, are not only durable but are designed to withstand extreme temperatures. The ergonomic handles combined with smooth surfaces and a robust design make these crates an ideal choice for all types of transport.

5. They Offer Safe Transportation

Another advantage of crates is that they can be sealed for maximum protection. If your business offers luxury products, a stackable crate that can be sealed during transport is your best bet. The last thing any business owner wants is their goods getting damaged, or worst, stolen from cardboard boxes during transport. With high-quality crates, you can rest easy knowing that your documents, expensive items, and other luxury products will be safely transported to your desired destination.

6. They are Versatile

Crates are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. You could use small crates that can handle up to 50 liters and the bigger ones with the capacity of carrying over 101 liters. These crates are designed to store different items, including documents and files, computer accessories, folders, books, and more.

7. Easy to Transport

The biggest problem with cardboard boxes is that they do not have a sturdy handle for transportation. Boxes with no handles make transportation inconvenient. Plus, it increases the risk of the boxes falling and getting damaged during the move.

Crates have sturdy handles that offer a robust and secure grip, allowing you to carry them to the truck without any hassle. They are built to carry all types of office items to any location.

Bottom Line

Crate hire is your best bet for an office move, with crates being ideal to safely carry your stuff to a new location. So, choose suitable crates for transferring your business tools and equipment to a new place. Furthermore, hiring the crates means you only need to make a small outlay!

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