7 Reasons to Invest in Corporate Video

Corporate videos are everywhere. From a testimonial to a sneak peek into the workplace, from an event to an intro video, everything can do a ton go good for your corporate name. 

And, interestingly, there are a lot of creative studios offering the service to produce such thought-provoking videos. That’s also the reason why the corporate video production cost seems much more affordable today. 

Now that we know it’s readily accessible and fairly affordable, why bother producing them? 

To find out, we’ll share seven of the best reasons to invest in the production of corporate videos for your brand. 

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Essential for Employer Branding

Having a corporate video can mean a lot more than just drawing the attention of people on social media. Essentially, a corporate video can serve the purpose of a tool for employer branding. 

Videos featuring your employees, office environment, and work culture can help showcase the personality of your organization’s brand. Such videos on LinkedIn can do wonders in attracting quality talent to your company. 

Let’s not overlook the fact that people mostly quit a workplace because it’s not people-oriented, or does not have a supportive culture. And, talented individuals are always looking for good opportunities from corporates that are transparent and have a handsome reputation on social media. 

So, if you wish to attract the right talent to your doorstep, you can invest in corporate video to accomplish your employer’s branding objectives. 

Good for Faster Onboarding

Another fine reason to invest in corporate video production is training. Just like any other company, your organization may need a considerable volume of educational content to train new employees as well as help older ones to upskill. 

That’s why hiring creative companies to produce such training videos may be worth your money. For one, these training videos will add substantial value to your knowledge management systems as distributing training material would be easier and faster. 

More importantly, there are certain areas of work for which you can’t have a human speak to trainees and give instructions directly. These could be topics related to harassment. Or even safety training for working in a hazardous environment. 

For such training, you’ll be better off using corporate explainer videos as these would facilitate the swift onboarding of trainees. 

Increase CTR on Content

Another good reason to invest in the production of a corporate video is to improve the click-through rate of your content. There are several studies that have conducted A/B testing for image and video content. 

Interestingly, most of those studies suggest that video content is seriously favorable to drawing attention, engaging viewers, and making them click on your content. 

So, if you’ve been producing graphic images for your corporate pages till now, then it’s high time you consider investing in corporate videos. 

Better Search Performance

Another solid reason to invest in corporate video is search performance. If you have a website, you already know that to rank on Google’s first page, you can’t just manipulate the crawler with some keyword stuffing anymore. 

You need to invest an abundance of resources to provide users with a quality site experience. One way to do that is to have thought-provoking video content, specifically content that offers significant value to the user. 

As you’ve corporate videos in place to provide immense value to the viewers, you’ll have increased the dwell time on pages, which is a key factor for user search satisfaction. 

In contrast, while blogs might be good to gain traction, these alone are never enough. So, it would be best for you to acquire corporate video production services. 

Greater Potential for Leads and Conversion

The purpose of a corporate video is to show prospects how you can solve their problem. It can be used to tell a story about your brand to build rapport with your buyers. So, investing in video content that is directed at your prospects will always leave a solid impression on them, making them come to you for more. So, there’s a good potential for you to draw in more leads and conversions. 

Moreover, posting such videos on social media will certainly increase the potential of such leads. And, why not post on social media when it’s free, and you can build a qualified audience for your video content for absolutely no charge? 

Build a Better Brand Equity

Consistently posting branded video content is associated with improved brand equity. While blogs and static graphics might be all you’re doing now, know that these are not enough. 

In fact, the practice is so outdated that brands in every niche have hopped on a content strategy that revolves around producing short-form videos that are not just highly engaging, but also packed with value for the viewer. 

Interestingly, there are hardly, if any users on the internet who would prefer reading over watching videos. So, if you wish to build your corporate brand equity, it’s high time you consider investing in video production. 

Video can help you get the word out in the most impactful way possible. 

Whether it’s your corporate testimonials or internal customers (employees vouching for their workplace) for corporate branding, video seems to be an intelligent choice. It will help you raise awareness, and get known for your work faster than with any other medium of communication. 

Increases your Brand’s Competitiveness

Last but not least, investing in corporate videos can do a load of good for your reputation in the market. Plus, if you produce an outstanding corporate video, you’ll be able to stand out among your competitors with grace. 

So, we can say that investing in corporate video production will also increase your competitiveness as a brand. Your content will appear more attractive to your prospects, thus increasing the potential for quality traction. 


Let’s wrap this one up. Above we gave you seven amazing reasons to invest in corporate video production. Firstly, you need corporate videos to boost your employer branding, and also facilitate the swift onboarding of trainees. 

Secondly, videos that feature the stories of you and your customers will also attain a higher CTR as well as the top places on search pages. Lastly, having corporate videos will also enhance your competitiveness, and improve overall brand equity. 

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