7 Safety Tips for Blue Collar Work that will keep you safe!

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There are millions of people going into blue collar work. These men and women will be employed in some of the most dangerous and risky areas while performing their duties. And while the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA works to ensure safe working conditions for construction, general, maritime and healthcare workers, every blue-collar worker must have their own safety equipment. Read on to learn safety tips that will help blue collar workers who are often involved in dangerous situations.

Have Appropriate Shoes

Wear appropriate shoes with proper heavy-duty soles to protect your feet while out in the field working. The shoes should be durable and acceptable by your place of employment. Many places of employment will tell you the type of shoes needed for performing your duties. We looked over the net for a list of such shoes, and this found this article on kickboxing shoes. Although mean and written for kickboxing, the shoes mentioned have good traction, protection, and slip resistant – Everything that is needed for blue collar worker. 

Use Safety Goggles

Safety goggles or glasses will help protect your eyes. Glasses will keep chemicals, smoke, fire or any other toxic substance from getting into your eyes and causing permanent eye damage. This is extremely important as eye injuries can be complex and may take years to recuperate from them.

Wear Earplugs Or Ear Muffs

Wearing ear plugs or ear muffs will protect your eardrum if you work in an area with a lot of constant loud noise. They will l protect you from going deaf or other heath related issues.

Use Appropriate Head Gear

Wearing head gear will protect you from possible falling debris or other objects. Many workers wear hard shelled hats for protecting the top of the head.

Wear Face Masks

You may have a job like a fireman where a face mask is needed. The face mask gives protection to all areas of the face. The material must be sturdy and durable enough to handle the heat and flames for a long duration. This will keep you from burning or experiencing any fire dangers.

Use Protective Gloves

Heavy duty gloves are often used by construction and general laborers, while those in the healthcare industry use rubber gloves or softer gloves when performing their work. All of these different types of gloves are used to protect the hands of the worker from debris, fluids, toxins or other dangerous substances.

Report Any Dangerous Situation

Report any dangerous situations to your supervisor immediately. This can include a dangerous area that has a lot of falling objects or debris, chemical spills, a dangerous fall or confusion among workers leading to an argument or fight. The supervisor has been trained on how to deal with difficult situations. Making the decision to immediately report the situation to a supervisor and not trying to deal with it on your own, will often lead to a more positive outcome.

These are some great safety tips for blue collar workers. Remember to speak with a representative from your job or your supervisor to see what kind of safety equipment is needed. Understand your company safety protocol to know what to do in crisis situations. And wear your protective equipment at all times while working. This will keep you away from dangerous mishaps while keeping your environment and you safe during your working hours.

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