7 tips and secrets to make yourself an Instagram master

With Instagram becoming a profound tool for businesses, a lot of people have started learning about how to increase their growth on this platform. Since Instagram is used by billions of people, it is one of the most popular social media platforms, which helps you in maintaining an online presence. However, if you’re a business that’s trying to boost its Instagram account to enhance its sales, then this article is just for you. Below mentioned are 7 tips that will help you become a master Instagrammer. So if you need good growth on your page, then this article will give you seven actionable steps to do exactly just that.

1. Set up a good profile

Your profile is your identity on Instagram. Only with the profile being set perfectly can you think of becoming Instagram famous. Even if you have great quality content that adds value to the lives of people, if you don’t have a maintained and professional-looking profile, then all of that effort is in vain. Setting up your profile is not that difficult and is one of the necessary things to make a presence on Instagram. First things first, keep a username that looks clean, visually congruent with the page, and creative. You have to give it some time, till you find the perfect username as there can be no two same usernames. Next is your bio, which is where people will get to know more about your brand if you have, and even about you. Don’t write paragraphs in this section because that is going to make your profile visually not attractive. Instead, keep it short and informative. Use phrases over sentences, however, that is not a hard and fast rule. Write something that resonates with the page and gives the user an idea about it. Now that you have your profile set let’s move on to the next tip.

2. Have an aesthetic

Having an aesthetic is one of the most important parts of having a social media presence. There should be a theme around your entire social media profile as this makes it way more attractive. Also, since humans are designed to like patterns, having a pattern around your entire page is going to make your page stand out amongst the rest. Also, if you have a certain aesthetic around your page and one of your posts goes viral, you will get many more people following you as they would eventually explore that you have made similar content in the past. This is why having an aesthetic always helps.

3. Use hashtags

If you want to become a master Instagrammer, then using hashtags is the best tip we can give you. If you haven’t been using them already, then you should, because hashtags make your profile visible to the public eye without much effort as it improves your SEO. tags are important as people try and search for a certain type of content using hashtags, so if you’re trying to get into the limelight, then this tip is going to be very helpful for you. However, going overboard with them and stuffing our posts with just hashtags is going to kill the reach of your content, so beware to keep that in mind.

4. Make your stories unique

Since now your Instagram stories can also be visible on the explore page, making good stories is very important. Multiple apps can help your creativity run wild on your Instagram stories. A good background, complementing colors and good text design can send the message loud and clear to the people reading it. You can go for two different types of designs, one that looks studio-made or one that is more organic. Both work great, just get your message across boldly.

5. Build a niche community

What we mean by building a niche community is that you should always find one particular thing and stick to it. For example, if you have a clothing line then fashion design might be your niche. So niche is an umbrella term that describes a certain type of activity. If you enter a niche that is not very competitive, yet slightly popular, then your chances of you growing your account increase substantially.

6. Check your insights regularly

Always keep an eye on your insights. Insights are the greatest tools given by Instagram to its users. Insights tell you what the average age of your demographic is, what kind of content your users like, and what trends you should keep an eye on. Since you have information about how your followers react to a certain type of content, you have the upper hand. You just have to be a bit creative and create good content and engagement will follow. Also, insights tell you what kind of pages your users follow, so you can take ideas from such pages and curate newer content that your users will like. Since more and more people will like the content that you put out, it’s going to make the algorithm boost your profile organically.

7. Buying Instagram followers

Now, this might sound sketchy to you but it is legal and a lot of influencers do it. Now we know that buying fake engagement that only slows your growth is not the greatest idea, so we recommend you use websites that give you genuine and active followers guaranteed. Once you do that, it gives you social proof on your account, which makes people believe that your page is a good page and other people approve of it too. So finding the best sites to buy genuine Instagram followers can help you scale your account to the very top of your niche.

In conclusion, in an age where social media has become important, knowing how to grow your reach is a great tool to have. With the pandemic and everything happening online, having a way to tackle problems that are going to be present in the future will be valuable. So if you’re trying to become a master of using Instagram then applying the above-mentioned tactics and strategies is going to help you a lot. We know there are several other ways to do it as well, but the ones mentioned here are the greatest.

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