7 Tips For Creating An Engaged Email List

Procuring potential prospects and nurturing long-term relationships with customers with emails can not only propagate your business grounds but also yield a massive ROI than other online marketing channels.

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Enacting Email Marketing Campaign to augment your business would be hit only if you have the right set of audience and engaging users.

There are certain knicks and knacks to be followed in tandem to lure in the attention through emails to grow your audience and generate more leads and sales.

Email List – Keep It Healthy

To increase the conversion rate and bring success to your Email Campaign, your email lists should be healthy. Don’t just add anyone to your list of the market, just because you’re on the verge of creating a list and sending out emails.

The subscribers are the people that voluntarily signup to hear about your brand and are eager to hear from you on your new launches. They opt-in to be on your list and have requested to know about you; these are the potential clients in your email list.

“It’s a Wild goose chase…!” —- The goal is to obtain new leads and to convert the existing potential client into a loyal customer. The email list bought from the market is like chasing a wild goose; no matter how exclusive your email letters maybe, there won’t be any response from their side.

  • Buying an email list of the market is an absolute waste of money and effort that’s been put into it.
  • The list bought on the market will never have any credible or active leads, nor have any clients that’ll be interested in your products or services you provide.
  • Running campaigns on the list that have been bought, ends up bad for business as your emails are more likely to end up in Spam folders. Remember if more than 70% of emails get dumped in the spam folder, your Email Service Provider (ESP) will be automatically suspended. Translating it easily — Your website will be down temporarily.

Nurturing new leads and creating an efficient email list takes time; it does not happen overnight. 

Finding credible leads can be done through prospecting via LinkedIn, looping in Social Media Marketing, SEO techniques and other persuasive digital marketing methods can help you build up your list.

Higher engaging lists are most likely to bring in leads that heighten your sales rate, thus boosts up the opening rates, rather left unattended.

Prune Your Existing Email List Regularly

 When your list is filled with inactive subscribers, there’s no use in broadcasting about your brand to inboxes that have never been opened.

Well, I’m not saying, delete your entire email-list… I’m suggesting solutions that can prune your dry branches.

There are multiple email verification tools embedded with various prospecting techniques; take advantage of these tools aiding in maintaining an engaging email list. 

Email Verification tools will identify the possible spam traps and other discrepancies, right before they can be flagged by the Internet Service Providers (ISP) or Email Service Providers (ESP) that’ll cause desecration to your brand.

These Email Authentication tools,

  • Will identify fake accounts and validate the authenticity of email addresses that you are about to add to your list.
  • Removes invalid email addresses and spam trap emails that’s been often marked as spam off your list.
  • Adds reputation and decreases the bounce rate by meeting most ESP’s thresholds.

Some of the popular email verification tools that can aid your service are Zero Bounce, AeroLeads, Verifalia, Quick Email Verification, and much more services to identify the spammers. Here’s a quick look at an Email Authentication tool that also aids in prospecting,


Helping out in prospecting a potential email list, AeroLeads lets you build a persuasive list with prospects & leads, directly from digital platforms like LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Angellist, Xing, etc. 

  • Allows you to crosscheck your business email list with AeroLeads Email Finder and Verifier Tool and verify its authenticity. 
  • Allows you to connect customers to your brand by procuring business email details, the title of the prospects, contact details, and much more credentials to work with. 

AeroLeads offers you a free Chrome Extension that allows you to grab and capture business leads emails as a consolidated CSV file and synchronize them to multiple CRM platforms.

Moving on, now that you have learned what to leave out and what needs to be considered while preparing an engaging list, we will see about how to add more engaging emails to your list.

Sign-Up Forms Combined With Digital Media Ads

Curate a branded opt-in pop-up form to procure credentials that grows your audience list quickly and conveniently.  

Funneling in targets through a single can consume more time; marketing campaigns combined with Facebook Ads can help you find new clients and profiles with similar likings that are suggested automatically on the platform.

When looped on Facebook, you can procure emails and contact credentials that links you directly to your website’s landing page, offering you more traffic and leads.

  • Augment your Pop-in forms with a catchy tagline with a curated description that gives precise information about your service. 
  • Add a bit of personalization and alluring discounts, freebies or allow access to your exclusive content with a welcoming message.

Segment Your Email List

The pop-in forms can get you more information than just emails; it all lies in your design. Curate your pop-in forms that allow them to fill their date of birth, age, gender, anniversaries and add a peck of creativeness relevant to your business to your form that’ll help you in segmenting your list.

  • Analyze your list and segment them as per age, gender, or demographics and curate your email content in relevance to their interests.
  • Make sure that your pop-in form pops up immediately whenever a visitor lands on your website or landing page. 
  • Set a triggering time to your pop-in forms with a 15-second delay or set a scroll-based pop-up when a visitor scrolls and reaches the mid or bottom of the page.

Pitch Your Emails With Curated Content

Increase the chances of visitors landing on your website with emails that are tailor-made with subscriber’s interest and catered to their mentioned persona. 

  • Add link customized to your leads with discounts, wherein your clients can bring in new clients and leads.
  • Target your audience with appealing content that builds brand recognition and retains your subscribers into customers.
  • Loop in sharing buttons to social media and messaging platforms that way you can grow your client list with friends, friends of friends, and even suggestions from followers.
  • Curate your emails with a subtle Call To Action (CTA) at the bottom of your email that’s either linked to your social media or landing page.

Keep in mind, in the end, the ultimate goal is to build your email list with engaging business contacts who are interested in your brand and the services you provide. In tandem with an engaging list try to increase your conversion rates by keeping constant account activeness.

Run A Campaign That Engages With Your Visitors

Running creative and engaging contests can bring in more visitors and leads to visit your website that aids in an engaging email list.

  • Offer something valuable to your visitors, that piques their interest making them stay with your page for at least more than five minutes. — This decreases the bounce rate conservatively.
  • Conduct live webinars that are factual and entertaining at the same time bringing in more prospects by sharing the link to colleagues and friends.
  • Announce contest results by giving an option to share them on social media or loop in more credentials by giving the option to invite more people to join the contest.
  • Reengage with your client list every now then to keep your list engaging with your business now and then. — “We miss you…! Here’s a special discount of 25% this month” – Freebies can work like a charm in reengaging with clients.

Beyond first name personalization, custom content, sending in emails with freebies and discounts acts as lead magnets. Prune your email list now and then, constantly engaging with visitors can offer a healthy brand loyalty and customer relationship with your brand. 

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