7 Tips To Help Curate Your Company Instagram

Have you ever scrolled through a company’s Instagram feed and found yourself thoroughly blown away by their “insta-aesthetic”? 

In a world where social media is king, a cohesive and striking Instagram feed has become a hallmark of successful brands. If you’ve ever wondered how you can achieve this level of Insta-perfection, trust that you’re not alone. Whether you’re launching a brand new business or revamping an existing company Instagram feed, the key to success lies in the art of curation. 

Here are 7 expert tips that are guaranteed to take your company Instragram to the next level. 

  • Focus On High Quality Images and Video

In the social media world where first impressions matter, the importance of high-quality images and videos for your company Instagram truly cannot be overstated. So, if you’re looking to curate a professional feed that impresses any and everyone who chances upon it, it’s time to up your visuals game. Yup, that means no grainy images or low quality pixelated videos. Just crisp, high quality photos and videos that communicate your commitment to professionalism. 

Top Tip: If file size becomes a concern when uploading high quality images, consider using a jpg size converter to optimise your upload efficiency. 

  • Define Your Brand Aesthetic

Before you start posting, it’s important to define your brand aesthetic. But what exactly is a brand aesthetic? Well, it’s essentially the visual identity that you want associated with your company. It consists of colour schemes, design elements, fonts, and visual style that set your company apart from the competition. Your brand aesthetic should be unique and memorable, ensuring that every viewer instantly recognises a post when it pops up on their feed. 

A great example to source inspiration would be the global coffee giant, Starbucks. Hop onto their Instagram page and you’ll notice how they consistently use earthy colour palettes and a signature font across all their images and videos. But of course, they aren’t the only company who has gotten their Insta-aesthetic nailed to perfection. Many other companies including Nike, Apple and Coca Cola have mastered a distinctive brand aesthetics on their Instagram pages.

  • Maintain Consistent Visual Elements

Just as important as defining your brand aesthetic is maintaining consistent visual elements on your Instagram feed. This means using a consistent set of filters, photography styles and graphics to tie all your posts together. 

And no, using consistent visual elements doesn’t necessarily mean that every post has to be identical, but more that maintaining a visual thread will create a sense of coherence throughout your feed. It helps to build a feed that doesn’t look messy or haphazard, but rather, polished to perfection and honouring the story of your business and all of the people that help to build it up.

  • Tell A Story With Captions

In the Insta-world, captions to your posts are akin to bread and butter. Both are great on their own, but when they come together, they make magic. This is why telling a compelling story with engaging captions is what will take your company Instagram to the next level. 

Your post captions should clearly reflect what you are trying to communicate in your images and videos, and should be consistent in tone and style. Whether it’s playful and witty,  professional and informative style, or warm and conversational, the consistency in your writing style reinforces your brand identity

  • Make Full Use Of Stories & Reels

If your company hasn’t already jumped on the Instagram stories and reels bandwagon, now is kind of the perfect time to get started. These features are an absolute godsend for businesses, as they allow for real-time interaction and allow your company to showcase new products, create engaging polls, or even give the audience some behind-the-scenes action of what goes into crafting your products and services. 

Again, just like your static posts and videos, maintaining a consistent aesthetic and vibe to your reels and stories will go a long way in strengthening your brand aesthetic, so be sure to be consistent in your use of filters, music and visual elements. You want your audience to immediately pick up on the fact that they’re experiencing your brand, even before they read a single caption.

  • Stock Images Are Your Best Friend 

While original content is absolutely crucial for your Instagram business, sometimes, we could all do with a little help. Whether it’s filling content gaps or publishing quality images on a right schedule, this is where stock images can truly be your Instagram BFF. High quality stock images are a great way to diversify your feed and maintain a consistent visual standard, without compromising on quality. 

Platforms like Shutterstock, Getty Images and Dreamstime are just a few of the many stock image sites to choose from, and they all offer thousands upon thousands of high quality images and videos for a monthly fee. There are even websites that produce AI-generated stock images! These AI-generated images can also then be easily tweaked in photo editing apps to make them your own.

Whichever option you do end up selecting, it’s definitely an investment worth making if you’re on a mission to curate the ultimate company Instagram feed, so consider exploring this option to enhance your content strategy. 

  • A Visual Planner Makes All The Difference

Last but not least, no company Instagram curation is complete without a visual planner. Visual planners like HootSuite and Later allow you to schedule and organise your Instagram posts in advance. This means you’ll be able to see how your feed looks before publishing, allowing you to chop and change as needed. 

If something looks out of place or not in line with your brand aesthetic, simply drag and drop it to a different spot. It’s that simple. So, before you hit that publish button, give your content the thoughtful placement it deserves, and watch your company Instagram feed come to life with precision and style.


And there you have it — 7 expert tips to help you curate a company Instagram feed that rivals even the most visually stunning profiles out there. Remember, a well-curated feed is not just about aesthetics — it’s a strategic tool to showcase your brand identity, engage your audience, and leave a lasting impression. 

So, implement these tips, get creative, and watch your company’s Instagram presence flourish into a captivating visual journey. Happy curating!

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