7 Ways to Write a More Original Essay to Impress Your Teacher

Making it easier for yourself to be noticed and stand out from the crowd of essay writers is a real challenge. Fear not! Improve the quality of your essays and turn them into fantastic and original writings your teacher will love by taking these simple and easy-to-follow tips. Creativity and depth rarely arise to us with the click of a finger, so in this article, we will show step-by-step practical tips on how to make your writing more interesting.

Practical Tips for Mastering Original Writing

This practical advice would help you to get the art of originality of how to write an original essay:

  1. Brainstorm unique ideas. Take some time and consider an unconventional approach to the topic to bring a fresh look and point of view to your issue. If it is difficult for you to find original ideas or a writing style, then the online essay writing service EssayHave can help you with your “pay someone to write my essay” request. This is a great online company that has extensive experience in writing essays on any topic and discipline. Experts can complete urgent papers as fast as possible and will happily bring your ideas to life even today.
  2. Find your voice. Try workshopping with different writing styles until you stumble upon the one that fits you.
  3. Avoid clichés. Go the extra mile to ensure that the pitch is not generic but is unique. Do this by staying away from overused words and phrases.
  4. Research thoroughly. Discover a deeper dimension of your subject matter for more interesting facts and revelations from other viewpoints.
  5. Organize your thoughts. Create a rough outline for yourself and pay attention to the flow of your thoughts for an organized rendering.
  6. Revise and edit. Give your first draft a decent interval to cool, then circle back and fine-tune what you’ve written. Craft your content into something that you are proud of.
  7. Seek feedback. Try presenting your work to friends or teachers, expecting your comments and their recommendations for improvement.

How to Write a More Original Essay

So, let’s discuss the steps on how to write the original essays:

Choose a unique topic. Narrow down your topic into a more specific and uncommon dimension, whichever you choose within the lines of your subject. Do not overdo broader subjects that require much content. 

Find original sources. Consider using non-traditional sources or rare research materials that may be helpful to your research and one that you may apply to your topic. Get information from relevant academic publications, niche sources, and primary sources.

Develop a distinctive thesis. The idea is to form a clear position statement that might introduce something new or challenge established norms. Your thesis should provide a skeletal structure with a fresh viewpoint based on little other inquiry.

Use vivid examples and details. Instead of making use of general examples, it is advised that these be substituted with drawn-out anecdotes, case studies, or examples to offer much better illustrations. Another way to add uniqueness to your essay is by telling stories based on experience or observations.

Experiment with structure and style. Write about various ways of structuring essays or applying different writing styles to make the reader notice your idea more distinctly and independently. Think of non-conventional methods like nonlinear storylines and dialogue to write an original story.

Include counter arguments. Emphasize giving due consideration to counterarguments, thus showing a deeper and more complex view of the issue. Overcoming counterarguments is one of the signs of the critical mind, and it gives rise to original interpretations.

Incorporate interdisciplinary perspectives. Leverage from other disciplines to complement your research. Not doing just theoretical research about a particular field but also integrating ideas from fields outside your primary area of study could give you an innovative perspective or original interpretations.

Challenge assumptions. Do not take things easily; disprove assumptions and discover concepts rather than facts you are given. Sticking to the long-held beliefs of an issue can provide a limited view that can prove to be the box approach to your essay’s originality.

Stay true to yourself. Most genuinely unique essays will most likely be written by those writers who always write from the heart and combine their passion and knowledge. 

Creating an Engaging Introduction

The introduction is the key to getting your reader hooked and engrossed in the text from the first minute. This begins the process of grabbing your teacher’s attention and directing their attention to the closing sentence of this essay. First of all, it is important to attract the attention of the audience. To get them interested, use an interesting question, a vivid statistic, or a vivid example. Explain your goals and main points in the essay if you help readers understand the purpose. Let it be a short but informative part that contains only what the reader does not know.

Anecdotes: Making Your Arguments Stronger and Original

Stories have a fascinating feature of adding weight to your claims, allowing readers to sense not just the logical facts but also the feelings attached. Through using real incidents or involving your own experiences in writing an essay, you offer vivid and original imagery. Such tales of personalities can make abstract concepts more palpable and unforgettable. What is more, anecdotes can be a way of illustrating abstract generalizations through a real-life story, regardless of whether it was a personal experience, historical event, or a fictional one. They give you the leverage to reason better by depicting the sequels or effects of the actions that you are pointing out. Also, anecdotes help to create a connection that leads to empathy and further understanding. 

Ending Your Essay With Originality

You also need to know how to finish your original essay:

  • Go back to the beginning: Revisit your opening statement through the closing paragraph, where you touch on the topic or idea you started with to invite the reader to understand the whole story.
  • Offer a thought-provoking question: A critical question for the reader to answer should not have the depth and dimension limited by your essay and thus challenge the reader to think beyond the essay.
  • Offer a call to action: Give readers specific tools to play their part in preventing the problem.
  • Share a personal reflection: Summarize a few points by sharing a personal anecdote or reflection that connects to the main point you are making in the essay. Create a unique position.
  • End with a powerful quote: To give your essay a good polish, choose a quote that is meaningful and will keep the reader engaged with the message of your piece long after they’ve finished reading it.


Becoming original in essay writing is worth the effort. Start by coming up with fresh ideas, finding your own style, and avoiding common phrases. Research deeply, organize your thoughts well, and revise carefully. Asking for feedback will help you improve. Choose unusual topics, use different sources, and create unique highlights. Add life to your essay with vivid examples and try different ways to structure it. Consider ideas from other fields and challenge common beliefs. Be true to yourself. 

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