8 Best Free Event Registration Software for Corporate & Social Events

A successful event involves carefully executing three elements- Planning, execution, and assessment. It might sound like a simple process, but managing all the work as an event organiser is a big hassle. In these three components, there are numerous tasks, including setting the purpose, booking the venue, handling the budget, arranging decoration and food, handling sponsors and many more. Above all, this constant tension works regarding an effective promotion plan to gather maximum attendees.

Thanks to technology, all these responsibilities are easier to handle. But the condition here is you have to select the right technological tools for best results. As we know, in this fast-paced event world, a smooth registration process is one of the crucial factors in getting more attendees; for that, you need a good event registration site. There are numerous free registration software, but you can’t trust for your well-planned event.

Do not worry; this article is here to help you in this search journey. We understand that every platform is trusted and effective, so we listed the eight best event registration software that performs best for any social or corporate event. Let’s get explicit knowledge about these platforms, but before that, we should get a clear idea about event registration software.

What is an event registration software?

Starting from corporate conferences to social gatherings, we need a platform to maintain the registration process, and this is where event registration software comes in as a saviour. This dedicated tool is designed to streamline and automate managing attendees for any event. This software provides various benefits to event organisers in creating customised registration forms, collecting attendee information, and efficiently handling RSVPs. Event registration software creates a centralised platform for the complete event planning process and enhances the overall participant experience. 

What should you look for in an event registration software?

Going for the right event registration software can take responsibility for the success of your event. Here is a list of key features you should search for before finalising the software.

  • A user-friendly design ensures a seamless registration process for both organisers and attendees.
  • Allows you to personalise registration forms, event pages, and communications.
  • Supports diverse ticket types, pricing structures, and promotional discounts for greater flexibility.
  • The software is mobile-friendly
  • Prioritises data security, protecting sensitive attendee information
  • Have a smooth payment procedure and allow common payment platforms

List of eight free event registration software to enhance your event organising process

As an event organiser, you might be impressed with the benefits of the software but can’t utilise one due to the heavy expenses. Well, your worries are over as we have gathered some exclusive free event registration software that offers all the advantages that you’re looking for. So, let’s start.


EventBookings is an excellent free event registration software that provides a complete solution for organising successful events. It offers an adaptable online event registration platform emphasising price and simplicity. With the platform’s intuitive interface, organisers can easily organise events, handle registrations, and sell tickets for your event. On the other hand, in this user-friendly interface, attendees can find ticket purchase options and event links within just a few clicks. The programme ensures a seamless financial procedure for organisers and guests by providing secure online payment processing and real-time sales tracking. Some of EventBooking’s essential features that make it stand out are-

  • EventBookings integrates popular calendars and social media platforms to maximise event reach and engagement.
  • Gives full customer support throughout the planning process.
  • Allows customisable ticket options and flexible pricing plans to meet every organiser’s need.


A widely popular platform, Eventbrite is known for its versatility in handling events of all sizes. Whether it’s a corporate conference, a social gathering, or a fundraising event, Eventbrite is well-accepted for simplifying the registration process. The popularity shows its effectiveness as a software and proof of acceptance by organisers and attendees. It is a free platform, but even for paid events, it charges as little as 3.7% + $1.79 per ticket, which is quite reasonable. Eventbrite offers-

  • Easy-to-operate system
  • Multiple ticket type facilities
  • Mobile app for better reach
  • Customised event page creation
  • Supporting various marketing tools


If you are looking for software that supports live, virtual or even hybrid events, Eventzilla would be a good option. This platform offers the ability to create discount codes while providing other essential features such as customisable registration pages or secure payment processing. Eventzilla also provides real-time reporting and analytics that help organisers track registrations while making data-driven decisions to enhance the overall event experience. This software offers email, calls and chat support for better customer service. Eventzilla offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android.

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Cvite is a complete event management and registration platform ideal for large-scale events like conferences or shows, and the best part is it provides a free version for smaller events. If you want to create professional-looking event pages, this site is ideal. This software lets you set up an easy-to-track ticketing system to ensure maximum attendees. Also, Cvite can manage registrations and payment processing systems very smoothly. This event registration software is well-accepted in the industry for advanced ticketing options, price set-ups, and better reporting and analytics.

Ticket Tailor:

A better event planning process requires software that alone can manage and handle various aspects, and Ticket Tailor can be one of them. This free tool can assist businesses in streamlining the ticketing and waitlisting processes while providing registration services. This software will work great for you to classify tickets into different categories and set prices according to your preferences. Ticket Tailor also lets you modify the order confirmation emails, and you can add any photos to them. Additionally, if you want to promote your event through social media channels, this software allows you to do so more efficiently by adding features like creating maps for specific location settings.


Event Create is simple registration software that allows organizers to track and manage attendees and generate tailored forms. It helps you create the event registration you require, for example, company names or service preferences. 

For a more interactive experience, its reporting specification enables users to track real-time data while managing attendees. If you want to observe and calculate revenue, conversion rates, tickets sold, and other key performance indicators (KPIs), then EventCreate will help you find all these in a central dashboard. 


Looking for a comprehensive and free event registration software that goes beyond basic registration functionality? You can choose Eventee for that. It mainly focuses on enhancing attendee engagement and overall event experience. It can integrate with other ticketing tools and simplify your task. You can import your customer from the ticketing tool to the Eventee database and use it for tracking. It also offers engagement such as live streaming, workshop bookings, newsfeeds, partners showcase moderated live questions and polls, networking, custom branding, and analytics.


As a cloud-based event management software, Floor works amazingly. It lets you construct your events using pre-built templates, manage agendas, and invite online registrations. With the smart registration form creation feature, Floor can drive conversion. It uses branding tools where you can create your preferred logo, bring attention to your company, and build a network while highlighting sponsors. It contains necessary engagement tools such as audience polls, social forums, and content sharing, making the registration experience interactive.


By the end of this informative guideline, we suggest you go through each free registration platform and choose what goes best with your event type. Among these free tools, some premium features are designed for paid events. So, first, understand your event needs, monitor how registration software worked for your previous arrangements and then select the right software to make your organising process a bit stress-free.