8 Best Mobile Apps for Stock Trading

Today many people prefer to invest in funds and trade in stocks. 

The Statista lists the distribution of countries with the world’s largest stock markets in the US and Japan, making in total over 60% as of January 2021. 

The market is impressive! Not surprisingly, more and more people are looking to join stock trading, especially when there are many mobile applications for this activity. Even more trading applications are expected to appear by utilizing innovative technologies and mobile app development services

Depending on whether you want to buy or sell stocks, play on the stock exchange actively every day, or observe from time to time – you do not need to look for unique platforms and sites for this. Someone saves on retirement; someone prefers to manage their deposits actively. If you want to trade stocks in 2021, there are apps for your smartphone. 

The best stock trading app to suit your unique needs depends on your experience and trading goals. Let’s consider the most top-notch ones.

1.TD Ameritrade

This app is great for novice traders. The app has often been ranked among the best stock trading apps, reaching the top of the charts. Thanks to TD Ameritrade, you get access to applications with a TD Ameritrade brokerage account with no minimum balance requirements and no commissions for trading stocks. The app has critical account management and trading features, no matter which one you choose.

2. Fidelity

This is another good app for novice investors and anyone who specializes in long-term and retirement investments. It includes a full range of services supporting a wide variety of account and investment types. When trading stocks and ETFs for $ 0, you get many benefits at a low price. The application has everything you need to manage accounts and conclude transactions. There may not be many advanced features in similar applications. However, for beginners, this is often not essential.

3. Webull

This application is aimed at those who already have experience in stock trading. There are not many educational resources in Webull, but it is packed with many useful features.

Convenient features here are the ability to build charts and add-ons for extended quote data. At the same time, the application is practically free for users. There are no transaction fees here. This application is one of the new ones on the market, but it competes well with its analogs due to its convenient functionality and interface.

4. E * Trade

In this application, experienced traders can try to manage significant investments and work with profit.

The application works with all mobile operating systems and on the web platform. It offers powerful tools for monitoring and analyzing your actions. Investors can buy and sell stocks, options, futures, bonds, mutual funds, forex, and trade online without the help of a broker. The minimum deposit amount to start work is $ 500. On the “Full View” tab, you can see an overview of all your investments and analyze the data.

5. SoFi

This app – short for Social Finance – offers loans, banking, and investments. This application is convenient for those who want to learn about stock trading. In this application, you can find commission-free trades and fractional shares. The minimum account balance for such transactions is $ 1. There are also articles for training; you can browse the collections of stocks and funds to understand what to invest in. Separate pages for each explanation do not contain too many details, making it easier for newbies to manage their accounts.

6. TradeStation

TradeStation mobile application helps traders be active in their business and professionals – to help them make even more brilliant moves on exchanges.

TradeStation offers many different structures, which can be confusing for newbies at times. However, the most used tariff plans TradeStation, TS Select, and TS Go allow transactions from $ 0. That being said, they are simple, include free market data, and do not require a monthly platform fee.

7. Tastyworks

It is a relatively new application for trading stocks via a smartphone. Unlike some of the largest brokerage firms, TestyWorks is still little known. Its main feature is options trading. While not stocks, many options are traded based on stock price movement, which is why Testyworks deserve mention on this list.

There are also no commissions for trading stocks and ETFs. Stock options and ETFs cost $ 1 per contract. Testwork is more suitable for those already familiar with trading and will use the full functionality of this application.

For example, it has essential features for options traders that allow you to quickly execute trades without giving up on many of the desktop trading features.

8. Ally

This app offers high-quality checking, savings, and investment accounts in one place. Ally Bank is considered one of the best apps for online checkout and savings, no matter your investment needs, where you can play with brokerage accounts and get a winning bank/investment combination with some experience.

Ally does not charge any commission on stock or ETF trades. The charts and data are relatively basic but offer everything a novice investor could want. Perhaps more experienced traders will lack some functionality here, but it satisfies most of the needs.

How do you choose the app that’s right for you?

To Sum Things Up 

All investors have different trading goals and different levels of experience. Therefore, when choosing a brokerage and stock trading application, it is essential to consider your stock trading experience and plan to work with your investments.

Wano also pays attention to the commission, the assets traded, the account types available, and the ease of use of the app. Ease of use is a subjective factor, though. Sometimes a few minutes are enough to study the available information and demo accounts to understand everything.

There is also a Forbes article to help you, where you can find out which application is more suitable for your goals, depending on your investment direction.

Today any experienced software development company like the MLSDev team creates such an application. It means that their market will grow because there is also demand. Building such applications using mobile and web development services is undoubtedly a promising idea for the future.

If you are just beginning, have no experience, and are unsure which one will suit you, you can try two or three applications from the list and choose from experience what suits you best. Choose the application that does not require a minimum balance to start trading – this will help to avoid significant financial losses at the start.

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