8 Best Stock Market Apps that Make Stock Research 10x Easier!

List of Best Share Market Apps of 2021

In today’s fast-moving world, everything has become hi-tech. Even the stock market is now in our pockets. There are various android apps readily available to keep an eye on the stock market. If you are keen on the stock market, then we are here for you. 

To solve your problem, here is the list of the best stock market apps for android that you must have. 

TradingView- Reliable and Easy Use

One of the popular and reliable apps for the stock market is TradingView. For this app, you don’t need to download any app. Just simply visit the website TradingView.com and you are done. You will get accurate real-time data. 

However, you can use this app for guidance about the stock market, Forex, cryptocurrency, and many more. Thus, you must try this app once to know its other android tips and tricks. 

TC2000- Best for Tracking and Trading in Stock Market

One of the best stock market apps for android is TC2000. The application easily runs on any device, including your smartphone. The charts are always updated with the slightest details. If you want to get the best service, then you must choose TC2000. 

Some of the specifications of the TC2000 stock market app include- 

  • Direct trading from charts
  • Easy trading within a few seconds
  • Smooth Interface

However, this app charges commission for trading. But, it offers a great experience with certain specifications. As a result, it is slowly growing as a popular choice of traders and investors. 

Robinhood- Charges No Commission and Smooth Interface 

Robinhood is a game-changing and the best stock market apps for android. This app doesn’t charge any commissions for trading. Along with that, it is highly encrypted, which means it secures your data. Also, it provides accurate details about the stock market and cryptocurrency as well. 

It is the best app if you are a trader. Thus, you get every detail about the stock market in your hand. 

Firstrade- Easily Buy Stocks from Here

Firstrade is one of the recognized stock market apps for android users. I this app, you can easily manage your portfolio. Moreover, it is now easy to manage your stocks and other options. Thus, to gain its benefits, you need to open your brokerage account. 

These are some following benefits of Firstrade, the best stock market apps for android-

  • Easy and Commission Free Trading 
  • Smooth and Interface 
  • Real-time data about profit and loss
  • You can easily buy and sell trades directly from your smartphone

Firstrade is gaining popularity due to its features. Thus, you must try this app for a great experience. 

M1Finance- Best App for Investors

If you are an investor in the stock market, then this app is the right choice. It offers manual and automatic investing. An important feature of this app is that it offers to invest according to your preferences. 

Furthermore, this app also doesn’t charge any fee or commission for investments. Hence, you can enjoy its services by downloading the app on your smartphone. 

ETRADE- Best App for Stock Market Investment 

It is an appropriate choice for stock market trading. Along with trading, it offers various services such as trading, banking, research, investments, and many more. In addition, it offers real-time data through which you can gab several opportunities. 

These are some specific details of the best stock market apps for android- 

  • Instant alerts for investments 
  • Security features to protect you from frauds
  • Charges zero commission for online investments on stock

Therefore, these features make this app an efficient option for stock market enthusiasts. You can download it from the Google Play Store on your smartphone.

Interactive Brokers-Great option for Investors in Stock Market 

If you are a stock market investor, then this app is for you. Interactive Brokers is available in the Google Play Store. It is named “IBKR Mobile.” Along with that, it has some amazing features to trading in the stock market, mutual funds, etc. 

Moreover, these are some important features of Interactive Brokers

  • Get real-time data and charts
  • Easy access to market information 
  • Better security for the users

Merrill Edge- Easy Set Up and Automatic Features

It is also one of the best stock market apps for android. The main feature of this app is that it automatically invests the spare change from the investments you made with the card. Furthermore, it is very easy to set up. 

You just need to link your debit or credit card with your account in this app. Along with that, it offers accurate details of the market with relevant reports. 

Some of the features of Merrill Edge are

  • Easy trade in mutual funds, stock market, cryptocurrency, etc
  • Real-time analysis and streaming of stock market
  • Smooth transfer and withdrawal of money

This is the above list of some best stock market apps for android. You can freely use their personalized specifications and enjoy trading in the stock market.

Click here to know more about other stock market apps for android users. 


With these applications in mind, you can start your trading journey with ease. Before you select an application to begin trading, make sure you plan out the features you need and then invest accordingly. Always plan with caution when trading! With the right application, you can ace your trading targets!

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