8 color combinations for your logo

Do you know what potential customers pay attention to first of all? To your image. And the image, first of all, is a well-designed logo. After all, no matter how hard you try, they are met by clothes. So, you need to create a really cool logo.

The wrong color in the logo is one of the most common problems among companies. After all, color is what affects the perception of your logo, and, accordingly, the entire company. We can safely say that color is crucial. In this article, you will learn about the meaning of the most popular colors and their most successful combinations.

What is a logo

A logo is a graphic design of a brand image, an emblem.

Such symbols are used by business and individuals for self-identification and growth of recognition. For example, everyone knows what the logo of Nike sportswear or the Yandex search engine looks like.

The logo must be unique and different from existing ones on the market. It must be registered, in which case it will have legal protection against forgery and plagiarism. Register logos in the patent office. To date, over 500,000 trademarks have been registered, so it becomes more difficult not to repeat yourself.

Logos help customers distinguish similar products from competing brands. In addition, the presence of a logo, a trademark is one of the requirements of retail chains. If a manufacturer plans to work with them and wants to place their products on their shelves, then registration of the logo is indispensable.

The meaning of colors in the logo

Each color carries a specific message. A person feels it on a subconscious level. So in order to make your brand recognizable, you need to choose those colors that will evoke certain associations.

First of all, pay attention to what feelings this or that shade awakens in a person. For example, scarlet will excite the nervous system. And so he is able to encourage a potential buyer to take decisive action. But the color of orange will cause a feeling of warmth and homeliness in the soul. What about other colors?


Logo by Shaheen Ahmed

Despite its neutrality, it energizes a person. It drives away fears and darkness, removes negativity. It will also energize and motivate you to new victories. On the other hand, this color symbolizes emptiness and purity. In logos, it is most often chosen as a background, since it cannot exist by itself;


Logo by Khabib

The most mysterious color He is calm. Tightens and relaxes. In logos, it most often symbolizes stability and self-confidence. It is he who will help to express his rich experience and steadfastness. It is more often than usual chosen by serious organizations with a worldwide reputation. It is used where it is no longer necessary to attract the attention of customers, because they go to them themselves;


Logo by Bipol Hossan

Due to the fact that it is a mixture of the warmest and coldest shades, it has an ambivalent reputation. Simultaneously excites and calms, attracts and repels. It is considered a royal color. It carries something refined and mystical. It is especially loved by luxury goods manufacturers. Violet is nobility, spirituality, mysticism, grace and high cost. In the logo, he emphasizes that you are creating a product of “royal blood”;


Logo by Roxana Niculescu

Depth, calmness and a certain coldness. It is these associations that come to mind when looking at the blue color. It inspires, gives a feeling of peacefulness and eternity. In the business palette is the most popular. Indeed, in addition to calmness, he also charges for success. In logos, it will mean confidence, loyalty, recognition. However, due to the fact that it is parsed into logos most often, you need to approach its use with originality. Simple letters will not work. It needs to be remembered;


Logo by Jelle Inghels

The color of nature has a positive effect on the nervous system. Green is prosperity and life itself. It means respect and peace. True, its overabundance can mean inexperience and envy. But in logos, it symbolizes functionality, novelty, financial prosperity. Means natural freshness and optimism;


Logo by Reka Studio

Bright and cheerful color! What can I say, the real sun! It gives positive emotions and looks unusual in logos. But it is better not to use shades of yellow in its pure form. True, if you sort it out with him, then he can carry an alarming message;


Logo by Elif Kameşoğlu

Naivety and softness, a kind of innocence and femininity – this is how you can characterize the pink color. If you want to show through your logo that you are a caring company, then choose this tone.

Logo color combinations

As you know, monophonic logos do not exist. And they always use at least two or three colors. Therefore, in a duet to your ideal shade, it is very important to choose an equally ideal ally. Below is a list of the coolest combinations. We hope you find your logo combination.

We want to say right away that almost all colors look great with black or white. Although blue, red and black are the most suitable for white. And black – red, lilac, yellow and orange.

The most successful combinations:

Yellow + purple

Purple + gray

Lemon + cherry red

Beige + emerald

Golden + olive

Gray + fuchsia

Pink + mint green

Green + creamy white

Color is the most important part of logo design. With it, you can evoke the desired emotions and impressions in customers. We hope the examples given in our article will serve as a source of inspiration for you. Good luck!

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