8 Helpful Tactics To Apply In Account-Based Marketing 

Alignment between sales and marketing processes is an essential detail for the success of any business. And account-based marketing tactics, which are especially relevant for B2B vendors, are one way to achieve that consistency. 

The main task of account-based marketing is building relationships with specific and targeted sets of accounts.

With the right approach in creating strategies and cooperation with trusted account-based marketing consultants, account planning and mapping get a positive effect and allow you to align sales and marketing processes to achieve the best results and take advantage of an improved account management model.

Here are eight valuable tactics B2B companies can use to improve their marketing strategy and build effective customer relationships.

C-Level Campaigns

One of the tactics organizations can use is C-level to C-level outreach. This approach implies that businesses can make employees responsible for developing relationships with specific buyers in their targeted accounts.

A campaign can include different ways of interaction: from letters and email newsletters to calls.

The main objective of C-level campaigns for the organization is to eventually match the relevant employees on their side with the relevant employees of the prospect. Usually, these are VPs, internal sales representatives, and marketing specialists related to your target accounts.

The campaign should include a business reason as well as personal and real outreach to make contact.

Offers To Get Meetings

The most effective way to generate leads is to create offers that create interest. Webinars, presentations, white papers, audits, and assessments are used for such purposes often. The main task for sales reps when creating offers is to attract the attention of potential clients to get them to agree to a meeting, thereby increasing the chances of a successful deal. And developing offers, which are specifically designed to get meetings, is perhaps the most popular and effective tactic among the vast majority of marketers. Agreeing to a real meeting after the presentation is already 50% guaranteed success since prospects are already at least interested in your product or service.

Personalized Experience 

Organizations can use the personalized pages tactic to increase conversion rates in account-based marketing. Since marketers work with the target audience, personalization is an effective method of interacting with accounts.

Account-specific landing pages give prospects options for customization, making your pages more friendly and convenient for a client. However, it is crucial not to overdo it here and use personalization in a dosed way to avoid being intrusive, as not all prospects may like it.

Involve Non-Sales Employees

Sometimes it helps to look around to see additional options. Most tactics involve marketing and sales reps working with targeted accounts. However, organizations may engage non-sales employees to see what kind of relationship some of them might have with targeted clients to enhance their reach. Tools like TeamLink (from LinkedIn) can help you see the connections of your organization’s non-sales employees to the contacts in your target accounts, which you can then use to plan and create strategies.

Direct Mailing

This tactic is no longer as popular as it used to be due to digitalization. Yet it can still be quite effective, especially when it comes to your targeted groups of executives.

Since not all executives can attend presentations and webinars or follow you on social media, direct mailing has a chance of success. Moreover, it may be considered ‘new’ in some way in the modern digital world. 

In addition, direct mailing is a helpful tactic as many top executives can often ignore ‘unsolicited’ emails, which may include your ones.

Prospect-Specific Offers

Perhaps one of the most effective tactics in account-based marketing is prospect-specific offers. Such offerings include relevance and personalization. Through content marketing personalization, sales reps and creative teams can design offers that best suit a specific target account. Organizations can increase the value for potential buyers by applying this tactic, thereby ensuring high conversion rates.


Another effective way to increase conversions in account-based marketing is retargeting. This approach helps businesses keep their brand in front of their accounts.

Since employees of the organization you are interested in are consuming online content, retargeting allows you to reuse a specific account. Thus, retargeting is a great advertising tool to find users who have interacted with your brand. 

By matching with clients already in your funnel, retargeting allows you to build communication with prospects easier and is also a more cost-efficient tactic compared to targeting.

Role-Based Contacts

Using this tactic ensures that the contact is still active. Today, marketers can use the services of different vendors to get role-based lists.

With lists based on roles and responsibilities, businesses can get more accurate information and data about their target accounts and create more effective marketing campaigns to increase conversions and sales. By knowing who is responsible for the particular areas you are interested in, communication and interaction with prospects become more focused and precise. And it increases the chances of a successful deal.

In Conclusion

Account-based marketing includes many tactics and steps required to achieve business goals. The best way to reach the desired result is to apply several tactics at once when creating a strategy, especially if these are different by their concept. 

Organizations get more options and opportunities in their marketing efforts by using a multi-vector strategy that explains how to interact with targeted accounts in the best way.

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