8 Podcasts for English Learning in 2022

A podcast is just a radio program broadcast over the internet. Nowadays the big problem for us is the lack of time to achieve our goals or targets. One of our most common and important goals is to learn English. Now we have a podcast that removes all the excuses. We can listen to those podcasts while walking, running, or during coffee breaks. This practice can make our pronunciation better and better. Also, you will be able to acquire new vocabulary, listening skills, and grammar rules.

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The Benefits of Listening to English Podcasts

One of the most developing skills is listening. And to improve it, listening to podcasts is a great way. Also, we can improve our vocabulary, pronunciation, and accent. Podcasts can bring you fluency in the following language. It also saves a lot of our time.

8 English podcasts for English learners

We would like to share about 8 English podcasts for English learners that are the best and most enjoyable to learn English at ease.

1.  Luke’s English Podcast

Luke is a very interesting guy. He is actually an English teacher and also a standup comedian. He covers topics like Susan Boyle, the Beatles, and differences between American and British pronunciation. He gives a lot of information and points in between his lessons. Also, the best part is that you can have a copy of his podcast so that later you can study it more deeply.

The best thing about this podcast is he makes everything very enjoyable which helps us to keep the lessons in our mind.

2.  Plain English

If you are not even a beginner, then you are very lucky. Because I think this is the way you should start listening to podcasts in English. This podcast is mainly based in American English. They talk about their lesson very slowly so that you can understand every line they say. They talk about curious or interesting topics around the world. They publish content weekly 2 times.

3.  Global News

In this podcast, you can listen to the news of the day all around the world. You will get to have 2 entries each day. Their content is based on international news and they use British pronunciation. Their lessons are very advanced but can be understood easily.

This podcast will help you to enrich your vocabulary and improve your listening skill so much. And the main part is you will be updated with all the current affairs of the day.

4.  Stuff You Missed in History Class

You might be thinking this podcast will bring back all those boring history classes. If you have thought that then you are right. It is all about historical events. But I think that you will not get bored if you listen to them. Because they will talk about the strangest and the most amazing parts.

You will be able to learn history and American English at the same time.

5.  The British English Podcast

In this podcast, you will be able to listen to so many interesting topics such as “Dating a British person” or, “A conversation about pronunciation and accents”. This podcast is mainly for the people who will move to the UK soon. Because in this podcast they talk about life in the UK.

6.  The English We Speak

This is another podcast from the BBC. It is the best for learning idioms and UK vocabulary. This is one of the toughest things to learn. This podcast is mainly for advanced learners. If you like to learn about idioms then you will love it.

7.  The RealLife English Podcast

As their name suggests, they will teach you about the English which we talk about in our day-to-day life. The English you get to hear in routine conversation.

8.  Espresso English

They give very short lessons like espresso. It is perfect for those who do not have much time. You will get to see a lot of audios that have already been there for you. And you are gonna get a lesson every week.

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Now that you have got to know about the best podcasts to learn English, you can simply work on it when you will start to learn English. If this does not work for you, do not worry. We have your back. Simply visit our website. You will definitely be able to learn the English language in Korean at a very affordable price. Not only English even if you want to learn Korean we can teach you very easily

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