8 Reason Instagram Will Overtake Facebook

The way Instagram is growing, it isn’t far enough when Instagram will overtake Facebook. Currently, it is much better in many aspects, such as increased engagement rate and improved user-experience.

Being a marketer or a business owner, it is crucial to know which platform is best for your business. At this time, Instagram offers better growth opportunities compared to Facebook, due to the targeted audience. With access to Facebook Ads Manager, now you can effectively target your potential audience using several useful features.

We’ve mentioned some of the reasons down below, due to which Instagram can overtake Facebook soon.

1.  Instagram Is More Mobile-Friendly

Although Facebook is the king of the social media world when it comes to user-experience, Instagram takes the lead here. Unlike Facebook, there is a focus on the content on Instagram rather than offering multiple features. Due to this focus on content and centric appearance, it becomes more mobile-friendly.

In addition to this, Instagram has a structural advantage as 80% of its content is being used by mobile users.

2.  Instagram Has Better Stories Integration

Story feature which was introduced by Snapchat has now adapted by both Instagram and Facebook. But, Instagram Stories are way more interesting as compare to the Facebook story feature. Not only the interesting features, but it also offers more engagement rate, resulting in better visibility of your content. Instagram has become even more famous as compared to the Snapchat version.

3.  Instagram Is Trending Up Among Young Americans

Another reason why Instagram can overtake Facebook in this race is due to the demographics. Studies have shown that number of Instagram users aged between 13 to 35 has immensely grown in the last couple of years. It is due to the reason that Instagram always focuses on building a youth userbase with its interesting features. This youth fanbase can help Instagram to influence the social media world in the future.

4.  Instagram is more Commerce Friendly

Facebook has tried many times to make it commerce friendly but it couldn’t bring any good results. But on the other hand, Instagram is more focused on eCommerce, making it perfect for a marketing perspective.

The in-app payment feature has enabled the buyers to purchase the products directly from Instagram. Through this way, user-experience has greatly improved. Marketers can exploit this aspect to generate leads and convert them into their buyers.

5.  Instagram’s a Better Place for Brands

Instagram is not a great place for just content creators or Influencers, but due to its better user experience, it also provides a great opportunity for brands as well. Many small-sized businesses have gained a massive reputation and grown their sales manifolds using the potential of Instagram.

On the other hand, Facebook is also a great place for promoting your brand message. Buy Facebook Likes Australia assist you in getting more exposure to your brand via Facebook.  But in recent times, many changes have happened in the Instagram algorithm, making it difficult from a marketing perspective. No doubt, the Instagram algorithm also keeps on changing continuously but as compare to Facebook, it is less likely to impact your engagement rate.

6.  Instagram Has Better Discovery

Both Instagram and Facebook are content-sharing platforms where you can share your talent with the world. But, it is the engagement and algorithm which decides how much engagement it will receive.

Engagement largely depends upon the discovery of your content and again, Instagram has a better discovery compared to Facebook.

7.  Instagram Has Messaging Built-In

With built-in messaging, you do not need to install any extra application to get in touch with your friend and followers. You can keep your networking connected with your marketing in one place, instead of getting yourself confused with tons of application.

8.  Instagram Is a More Positive Place

If we look collectively, Instagram is a more positive place compared to Facebook. Several cases reported for harassment and social bullying have more ratio on Facebook than on Instagram. Instagram has a diverse audience, making it a versatile platform for people from different walks of life.


Now, if you’ve decided to start giving your 100% attention to Instagram, then what’s the next step? Well, you should visibility and engagement are two of the utmost important factors required for Instagram success.

Undoubtedly, it is hard for newbies to start getting followers quickly and bring more audience to your audience. But, the shortcut and easiest way is to allocate a decent budget for Instagram marketing. You can spend this budget on Buying Instagram followers Australia and running the ads campaign. Both of these ways are practical and can generate instant results.

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