8 Tips for Choosing the Right Roller Shades in Canada

Are you looking for how to choose the right combination of color, texture, and design of roller shades in Canada for your home? These shades have been the top choice for homeowners for decades. With the popularity of minimalistic interior approaches, these shades have become more famous.

Apart from providing an aesthetic and appealing look, they are the definite solution for busy homeowners and full-time office people. They are effortlessly easy to clean and maintain. Considering this, it is also worth mentioning that they provide protection from harsh weather and keep your home warm. 

So let’s scroll down and learn what are some factors you should look at before. Because there are many types and fabrics of roller shades. So you need to learn which type is best and suitable for your home and perfectly reflects your needs.

8 Tips for Choosing the Right Roller Shades in Canada

  • Look for Color Combination

Although the color choice depends on you, its inappropriate color combination can ruin the look of your interior. Moreover, colors have the tendency to make your space look big, bright, small, or dark. So the color of the window blinds matters. In this case, what color to choose for a  roller blind?

First of all, you need to decide whether you want to install the same color for each room. According to experts, the best idea is to choose the colors of blinds according to the room’s function. For example, you can consider bright colors to make your space look bigger. Color tones like soft beige, blue or white are good for the bedroom and living room. 

  • Consider your Privacy 

Privacy is an important factor we should consider, especially when choosing bedroom blinds. Roller blinds are the best candidate if price is your major concern. You can also choose the fabric according to your need. For example, you can select blackout shades if you want to block the outside view completely.

These blinds are simple and fuss-free solutions for privacy. Consider more thick fabric combinations in this case. One considerable situation is what to do if you want to let the light in containing privacy. It depends on the mounting selection that we will discuss below. 

  • Choose According to the Room

The area or room where you want to install the roller shades matters a lot. Because there are many types, fabrics, and styles of zebra shades, likewise, they come can be operated in different ways. Installing the right roller shade in your home or office that complements your interior is crucial. 

Motorized roller blinds are perfect for kids’ rooms, and sheer fabric roller blinds are ideal for living rooms and kitchens. Moreover, select the fabric of roller shades that are resistant to humidity if you want to install them in the bathroom or basement area. Similarly, if you want to prevent your furniture from UV rays or fade, use thick blackout shades. 

  • Select the Right Fabric

Fabric is one of the basic elements you should consider before buying roller blinds. Polyester is the best fabric for roller blinds that you can choose for your home. Polyester aside, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is also one of the fabrics used to make roller shades. 

If you want to buy shades for your kitchen, then flame-retardant roller shades are the ideal choice. They are not easy to clean, but also convenient to operate. Along with reducing glare property, it is equipped with water-resistance attributes. Not only for the kitchen, but you can also consider them for the bedroom and living room. 

  • Pay Attention to the Safety

Yes, safety and prevention from injuries are important if you have kids. The first step you can take for your children’s safety is to consider cordless roller shades. These shades don’t have cords and are operated via a motor or remote control. 

Regarding this, if you have cord roller blinds in your room or living room, don’t forget to keep the cords on curtains short. Keep them away from the reach of the kids. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of roller blinds in Canada. Unlike many traditional window blinds, these blinds are safe to operate and install. 

  • Determine your Budget

Buy roller blinds from reliable and trusted manufacturers to get the best quality at affordable pricing. If you have a loose hands-on budget, you can customize the size, color, and texture of roller binds. Otherwise, it’s not an issue because even without customization, you can find the perfect color blinds that comment your need.

You just need to browse the internet thoroughly to find a legit and economically friendly online blinds shop. Shopeasyblinds is one of the online websites that provides roller shades in Canada at the best pricing. Consider this as the best opportunity, and visit the website for a versatile collection of roller and zebra shades. 

  • Measure Window size

Roller shades in Canada come in different sizes as it, depending on the window size. The standard size can vary on the manufacturing. However, the typical sizes start from 18, 24, 36, and 48 inches. Likewise, you can customize the length and height of the shades to fit them perfectly in your window frame. 

So before buying roller shades, it is best practice to consider a consultation with a retailer or manufacturer to avoid any mishappening. They can better help you in measuring the precise size of the window and adjusting the binds in the frame. 

  • Consider Energy Cost 

Roller shades are made from high-quality fabric and thick cotton in order to provide insulation from Uv rays and harsh weather. They are considered the best choice for houses with more windows as they can withstand the harmful sun rays. However, you can filter the amount of light entering your room. 

With their insulation property, these binds can keep your home warm in winter. Similarly, in summer, try a keep your home air with their sheer fabric, which can reduce the cost of electricity. According to the statics, roller window blinds can save you 70% on electricity costs. 

  • Choose the Type

Roller shades come in different types, like block-out, light filtering, sunscreen blinds, and double roller blinds. Every kind serves a different and significant purpose and offers numerous advantages over ordinary window blinds. Blackout roller blinds are the perfect option to complete prices in bedrooms. 

Likewise, sunscreen blinds provide UV protection, especially on furniture and flooring. This also works well to keep the heat out during the summer season. So choose the type of roller shades according to the room and its function. 

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