8 Video Production Tips to Enhance Quality and Drive Views

If you’ve perfected the art of creating quality content that can engage consumers and drive conversions, you must know that video content has become a foolproof marketing strategy.

Nowadays, people have shorter attention spans. Nobody wants to watch hours of video anymore, and video marketers are developing content to meet the needs of these audiences. Just think about how many companies have changed their social media behaviors after people interacted more with their active TikTok accounts. The truth is, if your videos are lacking in production quality, relevant information, and a thumb-stopping visual style, your audience is more likely to skip your channel or page entirely.

While curating a video, you must take into account every minute detail to ensure your video is remarkable enough to hold your viewer’s attention.

Video Pre-Production Tips

If you start shooting your video without a strong culture of quality improvement, you will most likely end up with an unprofessional final product. Instead, head into your shoot with a step-by-step plan for your video project, and maybe throw in a backup plan in case your original plan fails.

  • Originality is key

When you spend hours brainstorming to come up with an original and creative concept, you will be pleased with the final product. Don’t copy someone else’s content with a few minor adjustments here and there. Instead, conduct adequate research to find out what is trending in your industry, or hire a social media analyst to do this for you.

Once you know what the audience wants to see, put a spin on your online videos you’re certain no other brand has.

  • Plan everything

First, decide on your target audience. Then figure out what they want, and strategize how you can meet their needs with your video. Knowing your ideal audience reduces the risk of generating generic content that would do nothing for your marketing efforts.

Everything must be put into heavy consideration when planning for your shoot, from the script to video production cost, down to the sets and actors you choose. Write a script for your video (you can also hire this job out to a professional content creator), pick actors who can perfectly deliver the lines or deliver the action you want in your video, and pick a location (such as a creator studio) that falls in line with the message your video content is trying to convey.

Don’t forget that while your audience is looking for short and entertaining videos, they are also paying close attention to the details of your video.

Video Production Tips

To avoid spending hours in post-production editing your videos to perfection, you want to shoot your videos with as few errors as possible, aiming to capture all of the footage your campaigns will need. Follow the pre-production steps we listed above, and don’t be afraid to re-shoot every scene to make it better than the last one.

  • Lighting and sound

There’s very little that screams “amateur” more than poor lighting and sound quality. Use hands-free lapel microphones for close-up videos, or boom setups for larger shots to amplify your actor’s voice and improve sound quality.

Your lighting should be just perfect with no unwanted shadows or over-exposure. There are many ways to film a video; it mostly depends on the kind of feel and general vibe you want.

You can use strobes for overhead shots, or a three-point lighting setup to properly illuminate your set from different angles.

  • Use Tripods

If you plan to hold your camera or Smartphone in your hands while you film, banish that thought immediately. A tripod would give you a professional-looking final product with steady shots and properly done close-ups. You have the option of going for a tabletop tripod with flexible legs to shoot from whatever angle you want, or full-body tripods which ensure maximum sturdiness.

  • The Rule of Thirds

A well-known photography rule is the rule of thirds which says that you should always split your shirt into thirds; vertically and horizontally with your subject off-center. This is mostly because centered shots are more likely to appear lifeless and less animated, but by adopting the rule of thirds, there is more room for movements.

  • Get a B roll

No matter how prepared you are, there will most likely be mistakes where you need extra takes and cuts. Cover up your cuts with b-roll footage so you don’t end up with a choppy end-product. It is best to keep your b-roll shots in the same setting for a smoother flow, but you can find stock footage online if you’re in a complete bind.

Video Editing Tips

To err is human; to edit, divine. During editing is where you tailor your video to perfection and cut out any excess dialogue or shots that don’t fall in line with what you’re trying to market.

  • Sound and Video Text

You already know your audience; you know their likes, their wants, and what they want to see. Leverage this information into the kind of background music you choose, and even the font style and text size you use in the video.

If you are using background music over your video, make sure that you aren’t breaking any copyright rules, or your video could get penalized. Instead, use sites like AudioMicro to obtain royalty-free soundtracks.

Don’t use a font size or style that is overly complicated; a safe choice is Helvetica. Keep your message as simple and concise as possible.

  • Optimize your Video

Once you know which social network your video will end up on, optimize the video accordingly. For example, it always pays if you have captions embedded into your Facebook videos for those viewers who might not have their volume turned up, while your video title and video description play a crucial role in your YouTube marketing campaign.

Ensure that the first 30 seconds of your video are captivating, as it is those vital seconds that will determine if a viewer stays to watch, or swipes to the next available video.

The key to maximizing conversion rates is a successful video marketing strategy. Follow these simple steps, and pretty soon, you will be creating compelling content that fetches you the video views you hope to see.

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