8 Ways AI Will Change the Future of Marketing in 2023

Technology has taken over our lives in unexpected ways. Nowadays, our daily chores cannot be efficiently performed without the use of technology such as calling a friend, sending an email to a colleague, opening and locking up our house with an automatic security system etc. 

All these tasks need us to use Artificial Intelligence in different forms. For example, your smartphone cannot open without face recognition or play video games with your friends who are in different regions. If these regular chores use Artificial Intelligence then how can the wide field of marketing stay behind.

Artificial Intelligence and Marketing

The digital transformation across the world is making marketing more and more challenging. Marketers need to find ways to capture their target audiences with ad campaigns. Artificial Intelligence in this case is playing a great role in enhancing the overall efficiency of marketing strategies and it is expected to make more positive changes in the future.

Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to automate laborious tasks which marketers conduct during the digital promotions. In this modern era, digital marketing is something that is very important for a business’s success and in this important element, artificial importance is a great assistance. 

According to research, the Artificial Intelligence market is expected to grow to $267 billion by 2027. This is quite evident if Artificial Intelligence will be used like this in the field of marketing. With every passing year, the use of artificial evidence will increase and make evident chances in the field of marketing.

8 Best Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Future of Marketing

The recent marketing trends show the impact of artificial intelligence in our daily lives and on businesses. People from all backgrounds are trying to learn what Artificial Intelligence is and how it can bring change in the future. Students are finding the best Artificial Intelligence bootcamps to study AI and learn about how it is going to change the world and marketing.

 Here are eight ways how artificial intelligence will change the future of marketing:

  • Immersive Shopping Experience

An immersive shopping experience is one of the biggest advantages businesses will leverage from in the future. Some of the brands have already started using Artificial Intelligence enabled retail stores and it is soon going to become one of the most popular marketing strategies. Customers are attracted towards the retail stores of these brands because of the Artificial Intelligence enabled fitting rooms. 

These fitting rooms let customers virtually try dresses without physically trying on dresses inside a fitting room. Fascinating right? This technology is not just limited to clothing brands but recently a furniture brand designed an application in which customers could visualize how the furniture piece would look in their house.

Likewise, artificial intelligence will be used by marketers and brands to boost the experiences of buyers and have an immersive shopping experience.

  • Predictive Analysis

Advertising on Facebook and Google is recommended by the marketing experts because of the success score. These two platforms are the best way in this modern era to target consumers and reach a wider audience.

These platforms help measure the performance of ad campaigns as well which also aids in predictive analysis. Marketers are able to choose their target audience by segmenting them into groups based on gender, age, dislikes, likes and financial status due to these online channels.

Artificial Intelligence plays a great role in this predictive analysis as it helps define which group is more likely to make a purchase. This assists marketers to understand the purchasing behavior and make a prediction of the future actions.

  • Automate Content Creation

As we all know, content marketing is a very powerful strategy nowadays which marketers use. Relevant and original content is created for SEO marketing. Though it is one of the most powerful strategies it is a very time-consuming and challenging process. Artificial Intelligence plays its part here to speed up this process by refining and improving it. 

Soon marketers will be able to use Artificial Intelligence to generate content that will be satisfying for all the customers. Imagine how this would change everything for a business and a lot of time will be saved as content intelligence will be used to automate content creation for informative blogs, website blogs and social media posts.

  • Conversational Artificial Intelligence

As we all know, voice search is one of the most used features these days. But ever wondered what makes it possible? Artificial Intelligence plays its part here and with the passing years, conversational Artificial Intelligence will increase. 

Artificial Intelligence helps give personalized answers to user queries and it also can deal with challenging and long conversation exchanges. Voice search will soon become the future of SEO. This is because people are relying more on iPhone’s Siri and Amazon Alexa.

  • Persuasive Advertisements

Persuasive advertisements are another way how Artificial Intelligence will change the future of marketing. It helps marketers to understand what the audience wants and what kind of keywords would attract them.

Artificial Intelligence also helps in writing an intriguing headline or an ad copy which engages the target audience instantly. This would make the work of digital marketers easier and they will have to put in less effort.

  • Improved Email Marketing

From 2023 onwards, artificial intelligence will help improve email marketing by creating customized emails that have compelling subject lines. These engaging subject lines would force users to open and click the link mentioned.

These emails created with the help of artificial intelligence would stand out among the rest. Brands who will adopt this strategy would enjoy a competitive advantage over the rest as these emails would reach users when they are looking for a similar product.

  • Accurate Product Suggestions

Artificial intelligence helps in suggesting accurate products for the right audience. Brands are already using artificial intelligence for ad promotions and they are being very successful. Next time you get an ad suggestion to purchase a product which you have just discussed with someone or had left in the shopping cart, you must understand that it is artificial intelligence being used.

Artificial intelligence will increase sales by suggesting accurate products to target customers.

  • Enhanced Customer Relations

Customer relations is an important aspect of any business and helps in establishing loyal customers. Artificial intelligence will help in customer relationship management by giving them a special service experience by collecting, analyzing and processing data scores.

This process of storing and gathering data will be done automatically with the help of artificial intelligence which will reduce the risk of errors and human dependency.


Artificial intelligence has already made a huge difference in the world of marketing. It has already brought so many changes in advertising and is expected to bring more changes in the future. The above mentioned eight ways will share light on how Artificial Intelligence is going to change the future of marketing.