8 Ways How Students Can Make Extra Money

Every student has been puzzled with the question ‘Where can I get some extra cash?’ at least once in their college life. This urge for financial independence is what pushes young people to combine work and studies. However, the internet offers lots of unique and interesting ways to make extra money without any trouble. You can work for 2-3 hours per day without even leaving your home and earn more than your peers do, working part-time.

To earn some cash via the internet, you need to discover your talents and skills and learn to utilize them. Sometimes, they have nothing to do with your major at school. You can monetize your hobby, special abilities, and even creativity. All you need to do is to analyze what it is that you like doing the most and how you can make money by grabbing people’s attention. At the same time, don’t forget to study and be a paper writer for various essays that your teachers ask you to do from time to time.

Let’s discuss a few of the possible ways.

Academic Help

If you are great at any school subject, do not ignore this and turn it into profit. Many fellow students would kill for having somebody to help them with homework and essays. You can be that friend who willingly shares knowledge and helps peers to improve their grades.

There are lots of websites that provide study help and assist in writing college assignments. However, students will always give preference to somebody from their class who they know and whose expertise is unquestionable. If you are sure you can help students boost their academic level, do not hesitate and engage in this rewarding activity.

Online Tutoring

Becoming an online tutor is another form of knowledge-sharing that is in high demand. If you are good at a certain discipline, you do not have to focus only on homework and writing for your clients. You can become their teacher and help them learn and pass exams.

With the rise of remote education, tutoring is expected to become even more profitable. For many students, online classroom instruction is not enough to be able to comprehend everything. They seek the help of those who know the subject better and can teach them. If you qualify, do not hesitate to try your hand at tutoring.

Blogging and Vlogging

One of the best ways to share your interests and find like-minded people is to start a blog. People long for interesting content online. Do you notice that people become interested when you describe something that interests you? What if we say you could make money along the way for grabbing their attention?

The internet offers lots of platforms where you can start this venture. If you like shooting video content, register with Instagram, YouTube or TikTok. The more facts and tricks you share, the more reactions and engagement you get. If you prefer writing or drawing, Pinterest, Livejournal, and other platforms will serve you well.

Influencer Marketing

Large companies always look for new ways to sell their products. Social media and other channels of communication have popularized influencer marketing as a new means of reaching out to hard-to-reach audiences.

If you are influential in your small niche, companies may contact you to offer cooperation. This marketing is very personal as it heavily relies on trust that you’ve built with your followers. If you let them down with a brand choice, it can be hard to regain this trust. Therefore, be cautious with influencer marketing even if it pays well.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is not so personal as influencer marketing. Yet, it is still highly profitable. You build a partnership with a company or brand and agree to promote their products and get some percentage from sales. Affiliate marketing is easy to recognize since it is usually associated with special offers, discounts, sales, and bonuses.

You don’t have to be a blogger to engage in affiliate marketing. If you host a website, bloggers, companies and brands, whose audience spends time reading your articles, will be glad to pay you for an opportunity to advertise their products and services. In such a case, you can benefit from different forms of payments from different marketing activities.


Those students who are skilled in taking beautiful pictures can earn some money by selling them for commercial use. All you need to do is to register with the websites like Flickr, Shutterstock, or Depositphotos, upload your photos with hashtags and keywords and wait until someone decides to use them.

Of course, your pictures should be professional and of high quality. You need to research the market to realize what kind of images and visuals businesses look for. Your pictures should have commercial value; otherwise, you won’t find your customer.


With companies like Lyft and Uber, earning as a driver became easy. You can find a client in a few clicks, using the company’s app. All you need to qualify as a driver is to have a comfortable vehicle and a valid driver’s license.

This activity is great for students who need extra cash urgently and want to have some flexibility in choosing their working hours. Such occupation lets you plan your day in the way that suits you the best. At the same time, this job is demanding since you need to provide exceptional customer service and resolve emerging issues prior to their escalation.

Virtual Assistant

Small and medium businesses are getting busier and busier with paperwork and calendar management. Their senior management desperately seeks people who can help in processing documents, replying to clients via emails, and making calls. At the same time, SMEs can hardly offer enough compensation to hire somebody full-time.

This makes this role ideal for a student. All you need is a stable internet connection and 2-3 hours of free time per day. As a virtual assistant, you’ll arrange appointments, agree on meeting schedules, make reservations, and do other office work, being only virtually present. For all of this, you’ll get a decent compensation and experience to put in your resume.

Final Words

Today, students have lots of opportunities to earn money, not having to work full-time. The internet facilitated communication, opening lots of new positions for them. However, you still have to be good at what you do for people to be interested in what you offer. If they spot a lack of competence or dishonesty, you can lose your audience and clients.

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