9 Creative Ways to Show Company Logos at Events

Any festive corporate event is not only a rich entertainment program but also a great way to present your company. As a rule, they use a logo for this, which universally they place it on decoration elements, company bags, clothes, photo walls, leaflets, and other printing products.

Show company logos at events image for articleAlthough such branding does not lose its popularity, methods and means of implementation are gradually becoming obsolete and new, fresh ideas are needed on how to profitably present the company logo at a particular event.

Every year the audience demands more and more creativity and the “Wow” effect, and the organizers of the celebrations are in constant search of unbroken solutions that can surprise the audience. Here, new interactive technologies and a creative approach come to their aid. As a result, we get interesting branding tips that guests remember and these tips produce an amazing effect on them. Further, we will consider what options of logo promotion are relevant at the moment.

Interactive technologies for logo presentation

Event management companies are increasingly using in their practice the achievements of modern technology and interactive art. Thanks to the wide possibilities of digital technology, it is possible to demonstrate branding elements on various surfaces, create unusual effects and installations that attract the attention of event guests both during an acquaintance and a buffet table, as well as during the show program. Such technological solutions include:


A photo booth is a small booth in which you can make a series of photographs to commemorate the ongoing event. Modern photo booths of the new generation will be able to display company logos not only on the inside and outside of the booth, but also on the photos. Also, ready-made photos with branding can be immediately downloaded online to any social network.

Digital graffiti wall

Such a wall is a large screen with special software on which visitors can draw using an infrared spray gun. At the same time, company logos with the name may be displayed on the wall. Graffiti wall can be used in combination with a photo booth and add pictures to your portrait. Once the drawing is ready, it can immediately be uploaded to Facebook along with the logo image. Do you agree, that this is a great way to demonstrate your corporate mark to a wide audience of social network users?

Ideas for entertaining the public

As we already mentioned, interactive technologies can be used not only as event design but also as an element of a show program or presentation of an exhibition stand.

iPad Magician

The audience will certainly be surprised by the digital mage who pulls out the company logo from the tablet device. This will cause the genuine interest of the audience and create a topic for discussion.

Walkaround Robots

Walkaround robots are another great option to make promotions logos memorable. They welcome guests, serve them drinks and, at the same time, unobtrusively display the company’s brand name with various built-in effects. Walkaround robots do their job well and arouse increased audience attention.

Digital caricaturist

Caricaturists have been popular on holidays for a long time. Now they have been replaced by a digital version. Digital caricaturists not only make portraits perfectly but are also able to add branding to them, upload finished work to social networks and send it by e-mail.

Food and Beverage Branding

Another interesting area today is the application of the logo on food and drinks. This is another great way to draw public attention to branding during a banquet that will not leave your guests indifferent.

Ice sculpture Luge

An excellent decoration of the table will be an ice 3D sculpture, created by a talented sculptor before the eyes of people. In addition to the fact that such sculptures are functional and can be used to cool alcoholic beverages, they are an excellent carrier of the company’s brand name.

Drawings on coffee

It is difficult to imagine a buffet without coffee, which, in turn, can be a good option for placing a logo. Thanks to the skillful coffee artists, this will not be difficult to do, but an unforgettable experience and delight of the guests will be guaranteed.

Ice Pop Logos

An unusual option is to put a logo on the ice cream. Having offered such a delicacy, you will not only please your guests with a variety of tastes and pleasant sweetness but also surprise them with an original way of serving.

3D Street Art

An interesting idea of visual presentation of corporate symbols is the live work of a 3D street artist. In this case, the guests of the event witnessed the creation of a three-dimensional work of art, which may include a special promotion logo. Such a drawing will remain in memory for a long time and will become the subject of general discussion and enthusiasm.

Thus, using our ideas, you can profitably present your company and make any event an excellent starting point for its further promotion and development!


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