9 important facts to know about colored lenses

Considering to use contact lenses or just curious to know more about contacts? From what type of colored lenses are out there to whether it is safe for daily wear, you might have heard a lot about colored lenses. Not all of them are true, of course. Keep reading to find out if you know important facts about colored contacts.

Here are 9 important facts that you should know about colored contacts –

  1. There are 3 different types of contact lenses: Visibility Tint, Enhancement Tint, and Opaque Tint. Visibility Tint helps you see your contact lenses better whereas enhancement and opaque tints help you change the color of your eyes.
  2. Different colored lenses suit different eye colors: This may not be much of a surprise but all colored lenses are not universally designed for eye colors. For instance, light colored eyes need only an enhancement tint to transform the way they look whereas if you have dark colored eyes, you need opaque tints to even remotely change the way you look.
  3. Colored lenses are a 100% safe: It might seem like colored lenses are merely a fashion accessory when the truth is they are medical devices exactly like normal prescription lenses. You do need to visit a doctor before you can buy colored lenses to get the right fitting and to learn the basics about how to insert your lenses. Colored lenses do not pose a risk and the chances of an infection occurring are the same as normal lenses (which are very low).
  4. Colored lenses should not be bought without a prescription: Stay away from vendors who try to sell you colored contact lenses without a prescription. By doing so, you might scratch the cornea of your eyes which can cause a corneal abrasion which may result in loss of vision, blurred vision or fatal infection.
  5. You must practice proper lens care: Just like with normal lenses, colored lenses need to be taken care of properly. Always remember to throw them out once they expire and not wear them for an extended period of time.
  6. Colored lenses can look unnatural: If you blink a lot or go into a brightly lit room, the center of your lenses and the center of your eyes may not be aligned and cause it to look unnatural. This might affect your vision temporarily especially if you are wearing opaque lenses.
  7. Colored lenses can be customized: Don’t like what’s available in the market? You can always customize the colored lenses to suit your complexion and the color of your eyes.
  8. Sportspersons also use colored lenses: Colored lenses help sportspersons increase their visual performance and perform better. For instance, tennis players choose a green tinted lens to see the tennis ball better.
  9. Colored lenses can be worn daily: Whether you less than 20/20 vision or a penchant for colored lenses, you can wear your colored lenses every day without any risks.

Now you know everything there is to know about colored contacts, you might be tempted to buy colored contacts instantly. Wait to see your doctor and get a proper consultation before purchasing any colored contacts. The Anesthesia Addict Collection, especially the Anesthesia Addict Oro, is a great comfortable lens that also looks extremely natural.

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