9 Reasons To Consider A Sticker Marketing Campaign

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Image: adapted from https://www.stickeroo.com.au/

It’s no secret that to keep your brand or new start-up in the market, you need to invest in marketing campaigns. However, word of mouth can only go a long way; you need to look for other marketing techniques. Something new, cheap, and long-term. So what’s that? Well, if you want all that, you should probably consider doing a customer stickers campaign.

Stickers can be a great source of advertisement, and you can even order custom sticker printing for your brand or new business. Today, let’s list down the reasons.

1.   Cost-effective

The biggest reason you should consider a sticker market campaign is because of its low cost. Whereas other campaigning methods can cost you a lot, this is an easy way to advertise and not break the bank.

2.   They can be any design you want

Stickers can be anything you want, any design, any color palette, or any logo you would like. A sticker can be easily customized and look appealing to the eyes.

3.   Long term

One of the reasons to go for a sticker marketing campaign is because its impact is long-term; this is because stickers “stick through” (no pun intended). Look around you; we have all placed stickers somewhere. The thing about stickers is once you put them on, you rarely take them off, hence the more long-term.

4.   More impact

These things can be more impactful, especially if the design or colors on them are appealing. Think of how many times you actually read a pamphlet?  Not many, I reckon. On the contrary, a sticker, if appealing to the eyes, would be stuck somewhere. Look at more, someone might even consider searching up your brand.

5.   Can stick to any surface

Unlike brochures which would probably end up in the trash, stickers stick to many surfaces. Walls, laptops, bags, fridges, and more.

6.   Pass on important messages

The primary purpose is to pass on your brand’s message; stickers do that relatively quickly and amazingly. In addition, stickers travel if it’s on a bag or a laptop and promote your message to wherever they go.

7.   Better relationship with the audience

Cute meaningful stickers help build a great relationship with your audience. This relationship can be advantageous in the long run.

8.   More purchases

A more broader and loyal audience can help boost sales for your brand.

9.   Brand recognition

Stickers everywhere of your brand can help you in creating brand recognition.

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