9 Tips to Make Your Business Environmentally Friendly

Creating an environmentally friendly company that supports sustainability is simpler than it looks!

Environmentally friendly company: It is with simple gestures that everyone does their part for a more sustainable planet. Sustainability has gained great importance in our lives and society increasingly demands more sustainable actions from companies. Minimizing environmental impacts causes many benefits for the environment, for society and also for the enterprise, as sustainability reflects on the financial part of the company and helps to build a positive image in the market. With that in mind, Greenly Earth lists some simple measures and solutions for entrepreneurs who wish to adhere to sustainable practices within the company itself.

For a company to be considered environmentally and socially sustainable, it must adopt ethical attitudes, practices that aim at its economic growth without harming the environment and reduce its carbon footprint.  Follow this link to know your ESG score.

  1. Decrease the consumption of disposables: Encourage your employees to use bottles or mugs that can be washed and not discarded.
  2. Use fluorescent lights: LED lamps have a lifespan ten times longer than ordinary ones and do not have the same impact on the environment.
  3. Reduce the use of electricity: Instead of relying only on electricity, paint the walls of the company in light colors and on cooler days leave the windows open, so that the environment is cooler, dispensing with the use of air conditioning.
  4. Reduce paper use: Paper can be replaced for alternative ways to distribute information, instead of printing multiple copies of a report, consider sending a digital version via email.
  5. Separate and correctly dispose of the waste produced: In addition to helping the environment, the entrepreneur will also collaborate to create jobs in the waste separation industry.
  6. Work with green companies: Prioritize partnerships with companies that work sustainably, for example, offering bikeboy services instead of motoboys.
  7. Use your equipment consciously and efficiently: Electronic equipment such as computers and stabilizers consume energy even when they are in stand-by, so the ideal is that you turn them off completely, removing everything from the socket after working hours.
  8. Use more sustainable equipment: Swap outdated appliances for more suitable alternative products, which have lower emissions of harmful chemical elements into the environment and use energy more intelligently.
  9. Use biodegradable products: Biodegradable products cause less damage to the ecosystem as they are composed of organic items and decomposition is faster in nature.

For companies that still do not have a sustainable practices project, the ideal is to start planning and for that, it is necessary to identify and measure the negative impacts. Once identified, it is time to develop a strategy and measures that should be evaluated according to financial, environmental and social criteria.

The most important thing is to understand the need for this trend in the corporate world. Thinking in a sustainable way can also mean many benefits for the company, as these practices reduce energy consumption and improve the company’s image in the market.

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