96M History and Online Casino Review

96M is a trending online casino based in Malaysia. If you are looking for the best online casino Malaysia to enjoy your time, you may go ahead and sign up with 96M without keeping a second thought in mind. It offers all the games that you can expect to find in a traditional online casino. On the other hand, you can also get an enjoyable gambling experience due to the user-friendly interface on 96M. Let’s learn more about 96M and then decide whether you are going to play on it.

History of 96M

96M is not one of the long-standing casinos in Malaysia. As a result, this is a new online casino. However, it could earn fame and reputation for delivering an enjoyable gambling experience to anyone.

You can sign up for an account at if you want the best online casino experience. This online casino is specifically designed for players who come from Malaysia. You can see how its popularity is increasing rapidly along with time. You can also consider it as a one-stop gaming site, where you can bet on sports as well as play on different sports. As a result of all these factors, 96M’s popularity has skyrocketed. You just need to go ahead and get the rich gambling experience that 96M would offer to you.

Playing in 96M can be a fun-filled experience. That’s because the online casino has been designed while keeping players in mind. Moreover, this is a well-regulated online casino as well. While keeping these in mind, you may go ahead and start playing your favorite games in 96M.

Creating your account in 96M

To play in this prominent online casino Malaysia, you will need to create an account. The overall process of creating an account in 96M would be a hassle-free one. You just need to go through few simple steps, and you will end up with creating your account in minutes. After that, you’ll be able to access any game on the platform. To begin playing games at 96M, you must be at least 18 years old.

Once you sign up with 96M, you will notice that it is offering a variety of games for you to select. You have the freedom to pick any game out of them and play. Live casino games like roulette and baccarat are also available.

96M Accessibility

Accessing 96M will not be a challenge for anyone. On a desktop or a mobile device, you can play the games. To get started, all you need to do is enter your e-mail address and a password. Then you can simply log into the online casino and play games that are exclusively available for you.

Once you sign up with 96M, you will also be able to get your hands on exciting bonuses that are available on the platform. If you wish to become a VIP member, you can do it as well. For those of you who want to join 96M, here are some simple deposit requirements. In case if you are facing any issues with accessing the platform, you may seek the assistance of customer support team as well.

Promotions and bonuses available at 96M

There are some decent promotions and bonuses available at 96M. Whether you are a new member, regular member, or a privileged member, it will be possible for you to experience these promotions and bonuses. Upon joining, all new members will be eligible for a free no-strings-attached welcome bonus. On the other hand, you will need to place a deposit of at least 300 MYR to get the daily and weekly bonuses available on the online casino. In case if you make a deposit of 5000 MYR, you will be able to receive the VIP bonuses that are coming to you with the platform. The weekly bonuses would increase along with your bank payroll.

There are some special bonuses available at 96M from time to time. For example, players will be able to get themselves exposed to a special bonus on their birthdays.

Payment methods at 96M

96M as a licensed and a regulated online casino. Hence, you will be able to access numerous payment methods from it as well. Regardless of what payment method you select, you will be able to go through a secure and a hassle-free experience out of it. The payment methods available at 96M for you to place your deposits as of now include OFFX, Help2Pay, EeziePay, cryptocurrency, and e-wallets. On the other hand, you can use the same methods to initiate withdrawals as well. One of the greatest things about 96M is that withdrawals are made available to you instantly. Hence, you don’t have to wait extensively to get hold of the withdrawals to your account.

Regulation and assurance

It is worth to learn more about the regulation and assurance of this online casino Malaysia before you sign up for an account in it. You will need to keep your eyes on regulation and essential licenses as you create an account. Then you’ll be able to enjoy your gaming experience to the fullest.

When you take a look at online gamblers in Malaysia, you will figure out that most of them are not interested in visiting a land-based casino to get their gambling experiences. In that case, you can select 96M. This is not just another random online casino, but a highly regulated casino available out there to play your games. You will enjoy all the great experiences that the casino would offer.

Final words

Now you know what 96M is capable of offering you. Go through these details and make sure that you get the best gaming experience offered by 96M. Signing up with 96M  is not something that you would regret about.