A Brief Guide to What is Motion Graphics

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Let’s just go back in time and think about a video we love watching. Can you think of that one thing that you really like about it? 

If you’re just like us, there won’t be just one thing. Every element included in a video plays a different and significant role. From storyline to visuals, everything is set to synchronize with each other perfectly. Each element works in tandem to produce something unique and beautiful.

Today, animation has taken over the digital industry. Various forms of it, such as 2D animation, 3D animation, and motion graphics, to name a few, are used by startups to large enterprises to spread their message. 

In the last five years, the motion graphics video style has gained a lot of popularity. Today we thought to shed some light on the fundamentals of this style and how brands can use it in different ways.

An Overview: What is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics refers to animation in which text plays a significant role. It’s essentially a form of graphic animation.

The distinction between motion graphics and traditional animation has been the subject of discussion since the former made its debut. An ancient example of motion graphics that successfully combines music, movement, and graphic design is seen in the opening credits of Hitchcock’s Psycho.

Communication with the audience and increased immersion in the tale are two benefits of using motion graphics. They can convey a message to us by combining music and persuasive content. We employ them in producing commercials, film intros, videos, and disseminating knowledge.

Are Motion Graphics Videos Really Beneficial for Brands?

As a result of the rise of digital technology, visual learning has become pervasive in many areas of life. Because of its ability to increase retention and captivate an audience’s perception of a brand, motion graphics animation can lead to a greater return on investment and is a crucial complement to infographics.

A further benefit is that an animated graphics presentation can be produced for far less than a live-action video.

A well-done animated explainer video can do wonders for a company’s reputation. However, the vast majority of video creators ignore production values. Always keep in mind that your target audience is savvy enough to tell the difference between a poorly made video and a professionally done one.

If you want to make an animated video, hiring a top company to do the job is the first step. To make effective videos, you need a solid team of producers, videographers, and screenplay writers that are adept at luring in the best viewers.

How Much Does Motion Graphics Animation Cost?

If the video doesn’t feature any characters, the cost of the motion graphics might be as low as $2000 and as much as $3500 for the full minute. The cost might be $5,000 if you want to include characters or any 3D effects. Price estimates range from $1500 to $2000, with the greater portion going toward production costs.

Top Examples of Motion Graphics Videos

Now, let’s learn about some practical examples of motion graphics.

Television title sequence

The opening credits for True Detective on HBO are a beautiful combination of understated text and well-considered images. The novel is about a poisonous swamp full of disturbed individuals, and the harsh settings represent the characters’ inner life.


The story is always the most vital component of our design approach, as Creative Director Patrick Clair explained in an interview published in The Art of the Title.


La Effe, a French broadcasting network, wanted to update its image in order to better compete with other SKY networks.

Nerdo Creative Studio’s new design is a synthesis of several high-end art magazine-like styles drawn from the canon of graphic design and centered on the robust use of type.

It’s safe to assume that this sort of stuff doesn’t frequently happen on the small screen.

Explaining complex ideas and concepts

An effective explainer video can be made with the use of motion graphics. As opposed to a presentation, it allows the audience to more easily picture the idea being discussed more. ITFT presents the blockchain in action with the use of moving visuals to demonstrate its claims.


Make advantage of motion graphics in your next explainer video to back up a claim or provide a new perspective on the information you present.

Spreading awareness

This awareness video has a strong message delivered through animation, music, and narration. The narrative is crucial. Color and elaborate patterns aren’t required to convey significance. An illustration’s simplicity can often convey a tale’s essence more effectively than more complex ones.


Create your own awareness, motivational, and explainer videos with the use of basic motion graphics. Tell a gripping tale and utilize animation to back it up.

Share a product

Videos showcasing your goods are a fantastic way to introduce them to potential buyers and drive more business your way. This video by Lavit is a great example of how motion graphics can be used to generate entertaining and informative product films at a lower production cost than traditional animation.


Narrate a compelling story

This video demonstrates that a full music video can be made using only motion graphics. Like traditional music videos, the visuals here present a tale that fits with and enhances the track.


It’s a clever idea that illustrates the wide range of applications for motion graphics. An advertisement or perhaps a short film can be made with them.

How to Create Motion Graphics Video?

In many situations, motion graphics can be employed to make a presentation or video more engaging and even humorous. Putting together a video infographic You can add some life to the numbers by animating them. Integrate them into videos you plan on posting on social media. 

Explainer videos benefit greatly from the use of motion graphics to effectively convey their message to the viewer. That’s a fantastic and cheap option for creating videos.

In a Nutshell

Now that you know the basics of motion graphics, you should try your hand at creating your own. As online video consumption rapidly overtakes all other forms, innovators are developing quicker and cheaper means of producing more of this form of content.

However, if you want to hire any professionals to get this job done, then contact BuzzFlick. They stand among the best motion graphics companies in the USA. They have been providing various high-quality animation services to brands since 2016. Visit their website and check out their portfolio to learn more about their work.

On this note, we end this blog. We hope you enjoyed reading it and gained some useful information regarding motion graphics animation.

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