A casino promotion with an arcade twist

Casinos are always offering new ways to entice players to their sites, but what do they offer existing, loyal players? Well, we’ve discovered one such reward full of potential prizes that we just had to share with you! It’s a classic arcade game crossed with multiple casino promotions, creating a new way to potentially win something towards your gameplay!

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Prize Pinball

Bringing both nostalgia and prizes to players on a daily basis, Prize Pinball is a daily promotion offered to players who are part of the Betfair family, rewarding players for their loyalty by offering them a chance to play a very special game of pinball, full to the brim with prizes, once a day, for free!

Becoming available each day from 00:00am players have until 23:59pm to claim their free turn on the pinball machine. To play, you simply need to log into your account, head to the Prize Pinball page and hit ‘Play Now’. When you’ve clicked this button, animations will come alive on your screen and reveal the pinball machine; a neon-lit machine, screaming nostalgia and transporting you back to the 80s. It will be your task to pull the lever and release the ball into play – the ball will then shoot up the side of the machine, hitting all the obstacles in its way, making those familiar ding noises. You’ll notice that by the ball exit within the pinball machine, there is a carousel of prizes moving their way across the screen. When the ball heads towards the exit at the bottom of the machine, if the ball goes through a prize, that will be the prize you’ll be awarded if you see the words ‘YOU WIN’ flash up on your screen. If the ball went through a no prize exit, then you won’t be awarded any prize on this occasion and you’ll have to try again tomorrow.


All promotional prizes available within Prize Pinball are awarded at random, with the laws of chance in play. A player can only win one prize per day, during the promotional period. If you are lucky enough to see the winning words flash up on your screen, you could have won one of the following; Free Spins, a Cash Bonus or a Scratchcard. Any prize you win will be credited to your account as soon as you claim it. However, the Free Spins and Scratchcards will expire after two hours, so if you claim this prize, make sure to use them within the two-hour gameplay window before they run out. The free spins, however, are available on selected games and will expire after 24 hours, allowing you all day to use them up on your selected eligible game.

Don’t forget, this is a promotion offered to players, it is up to you if you wish to take part. Plus, if there are any prizes that you do not wish to claim, you do not have to claim them. When it comes to playing Prize Pinball and enjoying its prizes, everything is a choice, and you have the option to take advantage of the promotion or not. Either way, be sure to always read the terms and conditions so you’re aware of any wagering requirements you might face when claiming any prizes.

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