A City Every Yorker Should Visit

Spring is the season for travelling. If you are looking at options to drive from New York, then we can suggest choosing Boston for your next trip. Why Boston?

Boston is only 3.5-4 hours away and you can easily go there by car even for the weekend. If you do not have a car, visit Realcar.NYC and rent any of the fleet. And the sights and interesting places of this wonderful city will captivate even experienced travellers. So what is Boston so famous for?

This city holds the largest number of stories related to the history of the colonial era and the era of the War of Independence. Therefore, every year thousands of tourists come here during the warm season and bring their children to show them a bit of the history of their country.

This city is ideal for walking to all the most famous sights because most of them are quite close to each other. So, you can rent Cadillac Escalade in RealCar or any other premium car to reach the city and then walk there most of the time.

It is a city with a vibrant and lively culture and every New Yorker should visit it at least once in their life.

Top Places to Visit in Boston

Walk the Freedom Trail

Freedom Trail is three-mile-long. This trail will take you to the best historical monuments and sights of the past. You will see the oldest burial places of famous personalities, Boston’s oldest public buildings, and churches. It ends at the bridge and you will see the 54-gun frigate USS Constitution.

Boston Common and Public Garden: Ride the Swan Boats

This park is one of the oldest in the country and walk the Freedom Trail starts here. Boston Common and Public Garden are suitable for fun all year round: in winter you can go ice skating, and in spring you can enjoy tree blossoms, birds singing, walks in the greenery, and, of course, the most popular entertainment – riding the famous swan boats, first launched in 1870s years.

The park has a huge botanical garden, various monuments, and statues.

Museum of Fine Arts Boston

It is one of the leading museums in the whole country and you must have heard something about it for sure. There are collections of the great impressionists, as well as masterpieces of art from ancient Greece and the Middle East.

Museum of Science

This museum will be interesting not only for children, although they are the most frequent visitors. Here, you will see the latest research in the field of physics, biology, chemistry, ecology, zoology, astronomy, computers, and much more.

In addition, the museum has a butterfly garden, exotic plants, animals, and a planetarium with laser and star shows.

Old North Church and Boston’s North End

The beautiful white interior of this church still retains historical elements. For example, benches.

Old North Church is located in the Italian part of the city – North End. This is one of the most favourite areas for tourists – in addition to historical monuments, you will find Italian restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and shops with dried olives, freshly roasted coffee, and Italian cheeses.

Be sure to check out the local school gallery shop – you can buy unique and inimitable gifts for your relatives and friends.

New England Aquarium

If you are travelling with children, pay attention to this place. This aquarium has waterfront views and boasts over 20,000 species of fish and 550 species of aquatic animal representatives.

Moreover, this is a contact aquarium and you can even touch some of the inhabitants with your own hands. Interestingly, it is a sponsor of whale-watching educational programs.

Newbury Street & Back Bay

This atmospheric and trendy area is also a must-see. It conveys the spirit of history along with modern European shops and boutiques, art galleries, cafes, and restaurants overlooking the sidewalk terraces. You will enjoy both architecture and delicious food.

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