A Comprehensive Guide Into Singapore VPS

Singapore is a popular Asian country with a large financial district. All traffic passes through a very big internet exchange that is located in this area. This automatically ensures that Singapore remains an ideal place to deploy your Virtual Private Server.

All data centers in this area are excellent for deploying your services, thanks to the low latency connection to numerous locations in the region. However, it is imperative to first understand how VPS works, as well as many important features. To lend a hand, this guide will talk about the cheapest VPS server unlimited bandwidth. 

Understanding The Virtual Private Server

A Virtual Private Server involves sharing a physical server with other users. Yet, this is divided into different virtual servers, each with access to its own dedicated resources.  This effectively works like simulating your personal dedicated server network.

5 Cheap Singapore VPS Unlimited Bandwidth

This section will discuss numerous budget-friendly Singapore VPS that can enable your website to boast limitless traffic. 

VPS Server

For those who are looking for a VPS that is capable of providing global protection, then VPS Server is a good option to consider. Many regard it as one of the best VPS hosting in Singapore, thanks to many features like a virtual private network, live backups, and low prices.

In addition, the no-contract policy of this VPS Server provides its users with flexible billing. This ensures that only you can determine how long you wish to keep the server. Simply put, you can easily opt out of the plan if you are no longer satisfied. 

The VPS Server also provides a top customer service team, which is available to provide answers to any questions you might have at any period of the day.


OVHCloud is the best Singapore VPS, especially among those with unlimited bandwidth providers. It represents a reliable providers, which provides unmetered bandwidth that is available at high speed. However, the speed is based on your preferred plan.

With an uptime of 99.9%, the OVH server can work with gaming servers, web applications, and other related projects. This self-managed server is user-friendly, which makes it easy to handle. Furthermore, users can enjoy automated backups.

These servers adopt the use of virtualization that depends on KVM. This will help users enhance security and performance. In terms of security, certain features like automated backups and anti-DDoS can be beneficial.

Also, support is provided for relevant top apps, including the control panel, Docker, and many more. Users can also include cPanel. However, this comes with an extra cost. Full root access can also be secured. A strong API is also available for use.

Certain top features that you can enjoy when you use OVH are:

  • Bandwidth: this ranges from 256 Mbps to 2 Gbps
  • RAM: 2 to 32 GB
  • CPU: In between 1 and 8 cores
  • Storage: 40 to 640 GB SSD NVMe


This represents a good choice to consider if you are looking for numerous resources, available at affordable prices. The CPU is designed with some attractive features. 4 virtual cores are up for grabs.

When it comes to its bandwidth, you can enjoy limitless incoming traffic, as well as 32TB of outgoing traffic. While the connection speed may be slightly slow, a speed of 200 Mbit is also available.

These Singapore servers are available in German-quality hardware. Many small apps can be hosted on this server. In terms of apps, it is possible to install any Operating System, panel, and web apps.

With this server, you can enjoy a high level of reliability while also including extra add-ons. This is even true if you wish to get some additional functions. Users can also make use of managed servers and these often cost extra. Every month, there is technical support for about 2 hours.

If this type of service does not satisfy you and you wish to have a panel manage the server, it is also possible to add cPanel to servers that are self-managed. However, this comes with an additional cost.

Some important specifications you should pay attention to are:

  • Bandwidth: This includes limitless incoming traffic, as well as 32 TB outgoing at about 200 Mbit speed
  • Between 8 and 60 GB RAM
  • CPU: This lies between 4 and 10 cores
  • Storage: 50 to 400 GB SSD NVMe


This high-bandwidth server is available at an affordable price. Even though there are many excellent servers out there that are designed with bandwidth providers that have no limit, you will barely see one that offers the level of support that A2Hosting provides.

What attracts users the most about this VPS is the aforementioned support system. A support team is readily available to provide solutions to any questions you may have. 

A2Hosting offers a 10Mbps network speed. It also comes with a high 20× turbo speed, as well as 99.9% uptime. The traffic you get is plenty and it begins at 2 TB.

“Turbo” is another top plan in the Virtual Private Server service you can get. Turbo makes websites 3× faster. Besides this, such a server gets to handle more traffic simultaneously. For this reason, people with traffic fluctuations issues have considered it a great option to explore.

The server offers top performance and speed. This is unmanaged hosting and users can easily maintain the server with a reliable panel. Complete root access to the server can also be obtained.

Some top features you can expect from A2Hosting include:

  • The bandwidth begins from 2 TB, as well as a 10 Gbps port.
  • RAM: Between 1 and 32 GB
  • CPU is designed with between 1 and 8 cores
  • Storage: 150 to 450 GB SSD NVMe


This offshore hosting company provides users with a wide range of servers. Regardless of what you want – an open VZ server or a KVM server – Shinjiru has top Singapore servers.

The level of support that Shinjiru offers is also worth noting. You can rely on their strong support team to get your server ready so you don’t have to wait too long.

Also, they offer unmetered bandwidth, as well as full server access. It is also possible to reinstall Operating Systems from their panel. Obtaining cPanel/WHM is possible. However, this comes with a higher cost.

This hosting provider is focused on privacy. This implies that this service is the right plan for you, especially if privacy is what you want. 

Some top qualities to look for in Shinjiru include:

  • CPU: Between 1 and 12 cores
  • Bandwidth: 1 Gbps limitless bandwidth
  • RAM: Between 1 and 12 GB
  • Storage: Between 25 and 175 GB SSD funny

Buying Guide for a Singapore VPS – 4 Factors

This section will discuss some important factors to pay attention to before purchasing a Singapore VPS.

Bandwidth Allowance

The concept and relevance of bandwidth are not lost on people with experience in web hosting. However, if you don’t understand what it is, bandwidth represents the maximum amount of data that can be transferred anytime you have a visitor on your website.

Going with providers that offer bandwidth caps is never the best option. After all, many well-known VPS providers offer unlimited bandwidth. This is because your growth may require you to add more resources. With unlimited bandwidth, you can rest assured even when there is a higher amount of traffic.


Just like all other products, price is an essential factor you must consider before you purchase a VPS. Different hosting providers offer different pricing for monthly plans. You can enjoy better discounts when the billing term is higher. Another variable to never forget is the renewal price. Some hosts tend to raise their renewal price.


As you try to customize your host environment based on your specific needs, having a generous CPU can be very important. With good CPU power, you can manage numerous tasks while allocating resources to the OS. More CPU cores reveal that a virtual server can handle numerous tasks at once.

The higher the number of cores you can rely on, the faster and smoother your website can run. Yet, it can be availed in the premium plan.

Control Panel

There are different types of available control panels. The most common one is cPanel. This is user-friendly and is widely adopted by many hosting providers. Besides this, other options you can consider include

  • Webmin
  • Direct Admin
  • Plesk

The control you should go for must be easy to use. After all, this is where you will handle every aspect of your website. Furthermore, the various management tools will be based on the control panel. An easy-to-use control panel can help you manage your entire system easily.


Singapore is a great place to deploy a Virtual Private Server, with excellent data centers. Many cheap Singapore Virtual Private Servers with unlimited bandwidth are available for use. They offer varying features, which make them easy to use. In addition, before buying a Singapore VPS, you should consider some factors, as mentioned above. By taking all factors into consideration, you can account for many variables that can help you make informed decisions.

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