A Comprehensive Guide to Repair Corrupted Excel Files With Precision

In professional settings, Excel files hold great significance. They help in organizing the data through tables, lists, and formulae. Users can carry out complex calculations by using formulae and data analytics techniques. Furthermore, Excel files are commonly used for project management to track progress continuously. It assists in completing the given tasks on time with minimum chances of errors. 

Sometimes, due to unexpected situations, your Excel file can get corrupted. As a result, you can lose the entire calculations and data stored in the Excel files. In such a case, you should try a desktop tool to repair Excel file online. Hence, this article will give you a competent tool to repair Excel files flawlessly. 

Part 1: What are the Common Causes Behind Excel File Corruption?

Before knowing how to use a PDF repair tool to fix Excel files, let’s discuss the primary reasons for file corruption. After getting insight into the reasons for Excel file corruption, you can easily take preventive measures. Thus, let’s jump into the details below:

  • Abrupt Termination of System: While editing Excel files, a sudden shutdown of the Excel program can lead to corruption. Also, if the running Excel file is forcibly closed, it can get corrupted. 
  • Internal Conflicts: Software issues are significant reasons for internal conflicts in a system. Using outdated software on your PC can interfere with your everyday functions. Hence, Excel file corruption can occur due to software conflicts in the computer. 
  • Virus Attack: Have you downloaded Excel files from unauthorized sources? In this case, your system is vulnerable to a virus attack which can corrupt your Excel files. 
  • Incomplete Downloads: Some people like downloading Excel files from online sites. However, if there is an unstable Internet connection, you will get incomplete downloads. Thus, such downloads of Excel files can lead to corruption. 
  • Giant Size Files: If you have performed complex calculations on Excel, the file size will become large. However, excessively large Excel files are prone to become corrupted. 

Part 2: How to Choose a Reliable Data Repair Software?

If you are a beginner, you may not know some reliable file repair tools. Moreover, there are abundant options for file repair tools in the market. To help you select the best tool, consider the following factors as discussed below:

  • Offered Features: Your preferred repair tool should offer multiple advanced features. For instance, it should offer the features of preview, batch, and selective recovery. 
  • User Interface: Beginners cannot use the overwhelming interface of the software. Thus, selecting a tool with a friendly interface is essential. By doing so, you can perform the repair process with great ease. 
  • High Compatibility: There are some file repair tools that do not show compatibility with every platform. Moreover, some file formats are not supported by every repair tool. Hence, you should check the compatibility of the file repair tool before launching it on your PC. 
  • Customer Reviews: To analyze the reliability of a repair tool, you should read its customer reviews. By doing so, you can observe the effectiveness and practicality of the software. Also, you can learn the user experiences of some customers by reading reviews. 
  • Pricing and Affordability: You should check the affordability of the tool by comparing its pricing plans. If you want a tool for the long term, you should select software that provides affordable subscription plans. 

Part 3: Disclosing the Authentic Repair Tool – Wondershare Repairit 

Wondershare Repairit has gained immense recognition among users due to its high efficiency. This tool is designed to fix broken, damaged, and corrupted files. Using its “File Repair” tool, you can target corrupted Word, Excel, and PPT files. To show more compatibility, this software can fix ZIP and Adobe files. It supports all the versions of Microsoft Excel by regularly upgrading itself. 

Along with a desktop tool, you can also try its online version. If you are reluctant to launch a desktop tool, you can navigate to its online file repair tool. This online tool can repair up to 300MB of data monthly. Before saving the repaired Excel files, preview them on this tool. It will ensure that you download the accurate Excel file on your PC. 

Key Features 

  • Audio Repair: Repairit can resolve damaged audio files within a blink of an eye. It supports all famous audio file formats like MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, and AAC. Whether your audio file contains rumbling or clipping sounds, this repairing tool can resolve them efficiently. 
  • Online Photo Colorizer: Are you bored of your black-and-white photos? Through the online photo colorizer of this tool, you can add vibrance to boring images. This feature uses advanced AI algorithms to add natural colors to the black-and-white pictures. 
  • Video Repair: Video files are prone to get damaged or corrupted due to several reasons. However, with the video repair function, you can fix damaged videos in up to 18 formats. This feature can fix corrupted videos recorded from any device. Hence, with 3 steps, you can perform a video repair process for unopenable or damaged videos. 

Part 4: How to Repair Damaged or Corrupted Excel Files Offline?

By launching the desktop tool Repairit, you can repair files without needing an internet connection. This section will shed light on the instructions that can help restore corrupted Excel files offline. 

Step 1: Go to File Repair Option 

Once done with launching the interface of Repairit, locate “More Types Repair.” From this module, select “File Repair” to proceed. On the File Repair window, hit the “Add File” button. By doing so, you can upload the damaged Excel files on its interface. It also supports batch processing, so you can repair multiple files simultaneously. 

Step 2: Repair Excel Files and Save the Results 

After importing the Excel files, tap on the “Repair” option. The repair process will be initiated instantly. Once the process concludes, tap the “Preview” option to see the results and click the “Save” button to export the fixed Excel file.

Part 5: How to Repair Corrupted or Damaged Excel Files Online? 

By accessing the online version of Repairit, you can perform various online tasks. Thus, you can navigate to its online file repair tool to fix your corrupted Excel files. This part of the article will discuss how to repair Excel files online effortlessly. 

Step 1: Access Online File Repair Tool 

Access the Repairit Online tool from any web browser to begin. Following this, go to its “Products” and select “Online File Repair” under the “Online” section. On the new interface, click the “Add” option to upload the desired Excel file.

Step 2: Initiate Online Excel File Repair 

To move forward, click the “Repair” button to begin the repair process. Once done, you can see the results displayed on your screen. If you are satisfied with the repaired results, hit the “Download or Download All” button. 


In the business field, repairing Excel files is essential. It can help you in continuing your tasks without recreating the whole file. Therefore, being a professional, you must invest in robust file repair tools. This article is a complete guide to using Repairit to fix unopenable or corrupted Excel files. By thoroughly reading this article, you clearly learned how to repair Excel files online and offline in their original format.