A Guide On Choosing The Perfect Present For Your Child

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Many parents worry that the holiday and birthday seasons will leave their house with too much clutter that the kids will barely touch. They cannot deny their children the joys of presents, but they don’t want a home filled with clutter. 

So what do you buy the children that get so much joy out of unwrapping gifts?

Before you buy anything, there are a couple of things you should think about first, to make sure that the children open something they are genuinely interested in and the parents aren’t left with a hoard of untouched toys.

Age and Development

The first thing you need to do is understand the child’s abilities. Every child will be at different developmental stages of their lives, and age guidelines help figure out what is too hard and too easy for kids. If you know that your child is doing a lot more than a typical 2 year old could, figure out what age level they are close to and pick a toy closer to that. Here are some sample  of toys for 2 year olds.


If you buy a child something that “every kid will love,” you will probably end up with a gift that is left in the cupboard. Instead, think about what they are currently interested in? Do they enjoy dancing, has slime become a new obsession, or do they love cooking? Make these standout personality traits the focus of your gift-giving. 

Toys That Help Kids Learn 

Kids love to learn, and almost everything can become a fun learning activity. Depending on their development, you can find toys that help kids understand facial expressions, learn numbers, and practice throwing. Anything that lets the kids think and be creative will give them a massive sense of accomplishment!

Talk To The Parents

Before buying the gift you have in mind, double-check with the parents to see if they already own it. You will probably want to keep the gift a surprise, but sometimes a little forewarning can stop you from crossing a line you didn’t know about.

Lifespan Of The Gift

Depending on the gift in question, you should think about its lifespan. Wooden toys are often sturdier than plastic, so they can last longer and won’t break as easily. They are also great for the environment because the parents can recycle the wood when the child has outgrown the item. 

Gift Ideas

Now you know what to look for in a gift, we want to give you a couple of suggestions to help you on your way!

1) 2 Seater Power Wheels

2 Seater Power Wheels cars are the perfect gift for kids with siblings and a big yard. They let the children understand spatial awareness of their surroundings while also allowing them to act like adults. 

These cars can be shared with siblings, so you can buy one for the family instead of each child, or if one kid grows out of it, the other can adopt it. This increases the toy’s use and therefore creates a more environment-friendly lifecycle. 

2) Wooden Kitchen Sets

There are a lot of plastic kitchen sets about, but a child can feel how unstable and tacky they are. However, wooden ones feel like the real thing, and the children will be able to imagine themselves in the adult setting they wish they were in.

Again they are great for the environment, and they will last for a long time. Children love to learn, and you can use these types of sets to teach them about food and let them freely play with their imagination. 

3) Jigsaws

There are jigsaw puzzles for every age group, from 2 piece sets for under 2s and 1,000 piece sets for fully grown adults. If you pick a subject the child likes, they will be super excited to build this favored image.

Jigsaws help children play by themselves, have alone time to digest their emotions, train their dexterous fingers for complex movements, and learn about static spatial awareness. 

4) Child’s Easel

If the child loves to paint or draw, then giving them an easel will allow them to try their hand at painting standing up. They can have a drawing corner in their room, where they can pick up a pencil whenever they like for an off-screen, calming activity.

Depending on the easel, you can buy ones with moveable rods to grow with the child! Again, if your child has a sibling, this is a great gift to pass through the family. Everyone loves to draw, so this type of gift won’t go unloved. 

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