A guide to buying a shared ownership home in Hampshire

Ready to make your dream of owning a home in Hampshire come true? Shared ownership could be the cost-effective solution you need. In this blog post, we’ll take you through all the steps toward finding your perfect property and becoming mortgage ready. So if you’re looking for an excellent way to start climbing up the housing ladder, look no further – let us show you how it’s done!

What is shared ownership and how does it work?

Shared ownership in Hampshire County provides an ideal opportunity for individuals looking to downsize or purchase their first property without straining financially. You can buy a partial portion of the property that is within your budget and pay rent on the remaining share based off its total market value. The amount you initially invest depends solely on what is comfortable for your finances, making it easier than ever to get into homeownership!

Shared ownership is a fantastic way to gradually become the full owner of your own home without any extra expense. There are numerous properties in Hampshire County that you can get through shared ownership, making it an increasingly appealing option for lots of people living there. With this convenient opportunity, who wouldn’t want to be fully invested and reap all the rewards of owning their dream house?

How to find a list of available properties for sale through the Shared Ownership Scheme in Hampshire?

Ready to purchase your first property? You can find out about the homes available and understand more about this scheme by visiting your local government or housing association’s website. Potential buyers can also browse through shared ownership specialist agents’ websites like Aster, or portals like Rightmove or Zoopla which regularly update their inventory with properties on the shared ownership scheme. It’s essential to keep in mind that the available housing may differ based on which association you are looking into, so make sure to contact them first for further information.

How to apply for a mortgage if you’re interested in purchasing a property through the Shared Ownership Scheme

Deciding to buy property is a thrilling and intimidating process, particularly if you’re looking at borrowing money from the Shared Ownership Scheme. Before going ahead with the purchase, it’s essential that you know how to apply for a mortgage in order to get involved in this plan.

Before you take the plunge and purchase a home, make sure to check with your local housing association’s website if you meet their financial eligibility criteria. Don’t forget that just like any other mortgage application process, only once your application is approved will the transaction be finalized.

To ensure a successful application process, it is important to consult with an accredited Money Advice Service broker in order to gain insight into fees and interest rates associated with the scheme. Additionally, you must collect all documents necessary for proof of income, assets, and credit history before submitting your application.

Following, once every document is filled out correctly and submitted appropriately then your lender will begin processing! Hopefully, they approve your loan request soon thereafter!

What’s it like to live in Hampshire?

Hampshire is an exquisite county in the heart of England’s southern coastline, boasting gorgeous countryside and seascapes. There are many vibrant towns such as Portsmouth, Southampton, and Winchester; along with numerous quaint villages that add to its appeal. For those seeking adventure – from ancient monuments to outdoor activities – Hampshire provides a plethora of fun experiences for all ages! If you’re looking for a great place to raise a family then Hampshire is a perfect choice! The county benefits from excellent transport links to London, making it easy and convenient to commute and explore further afield. It also boasts some of the best schools in the country, as well as fantastic job opportunities in a wide range of industries.

Tips for negotiating the purchase price of your desired property

It can be a nerve-wracking experience to negotiate the price of your dream property, but it doesn’t have to be. Arm yourself with data from similar homes and know precisely how much you are willing to pay before engaging in dialogue with the seller. Additionally, keep your focus on what is mutually beneficial for both parties during negotiations – decide beforehand exactly how much you are comfortable paying so that when discussing an offer everything remains fair and equitable. As the purchase of a home is often a lengthy process, it’s essential to remain dedicated to negotiations while having patience. At times, walking away can help both parties become increasingly comfortable and allow an agreement to be finalized in due course.

What are your responsibilities as a shared owner?

Owning a shared property comes with a variety of obligations. To ensure that your portion remains in tip-top condition, you must be prepared to pay for necessary repairs or renovations, as well as recurring costs such as water bills and gas fees. Furthermore, it is essential to stay abreast on all tax requirements associated with the ownership – both state and local – so you can cover any legal expenses related to disputes between owners. Being an informed owner is key when it comes to keeping up with these matters!

Above all else, you must keep in mind that preserving your home is a shared responsibility – this includes respecting the noise level restrictions and other covenants of the property. Moreover, it’s essential to ensure everyone living onsite upholds their rights as well as abides by any agreements made between shareholders. Doing so will help maintain a harmonious atmosphere for those who call it home.


The Shared Ownership Scheme in Hampshire could be an ideal choice for those aspiring to own a home, yet unable to take out traditional mortgages. Before taking the plunge, it is important to acquaint oneself with all aspects of this venture, such as how to find a list of properties up for sale, secure financing and haggle over purchase prices. When you become a Shared Owner in Hampshire, it is essential to be aware of your duties. As the local real estate market and property values vary greatly, it’s critical to undertake detailed investigation and seek expert advice before settling on whether shared ownership suits your needs or not.

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