A Guide to Living in Naples

The appeal of Naples is hard to put into just one specific reason. With so many people flocking to this gem of Southwest Florida, surely there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to living in this beautiful part of the United States? 

Living in the Naples area isn’t just about pristine beaches, luxurious homes, and safer communities. It’s about finding your own personal piece of paradise to enjoy your retirement years, raise a family, or simply get a new start in life. 

Have you been tempted to wake up each morning to the sweet air of Naples and a new day that’s full of limitless possibilities? Here’s a short guide to how living in this Florida City can be. 

Naples encourages community spirit

The long-lost art of community spirit is alive and well in Naples. There’s nothing locals love more (other than golf perhaps!) than getting together and mingling. Whether it’s in the street with neighbors, or at a festival with new friends, there’s always a date to mark on your calendar, and always a reason to celebrate! 

From Shakespeare Festivals with free performances to food and craft beer events, coming together and having a good time is just a way of life in this captivating Florida City. 

Naples residents love their fine foods 

World-class foods without the worryingly expensive pricetags sum up the food culture of Naples. And once you’ve tasted that first mouthful of freshly caught waterfront fish, you’ll never look back! Ask any residents where their favorite eateries are and you’re sure to have so many different answers that you won’t know where to start. 

With such a wide range of global cuisines to choose from, your tastebuds can travel to a new country each night. Whether you’re visiting the area before deciding on a place to buy or just visiting friends, there’s always a reason to eat, drink, and be merry. Cheers! 

Golf is the number one pastime 

Golf is a big deal in Naples. How big? Well, it currently has over 90 golf courses (30 public and 60+ private). In fact, Naples is affectionately known as the Golf Capital of the World, and it’s a moniker the residents take quite literally. 

With a selection of exclusive country clubs and flawlessly maintained courses to choose from, learning to tee off has never been more fun. This putting paradise is a must for all golfers.

Their schools are second to none 

The community of Naples is elevated by some incredibly well-performing schools and supportive culture within its educational institutions. Understandably, the future of their children is one of the primary concerns in a parent’s life when they move. Rest assured that the private and public schools in Naples have gained strong ratings and rave reviews, and are dutifully run by the Collier County School System. 

Students seeking higher education can benefit from in-state tuition through a range of over 170 Universities. And with public institutions and law colleges just a short drive away, potential future goals are there for the taking! 

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