A History of Sports Wagering & Online Betting in India


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In India, the history and the legal status of gambling is a very complicated story. From a federal point of view, gambling is totally under the jurisdiction of the state itself. However, the Supreme Court of India has held the belief that betting on games of chance happens to be illegal, whereas betting on games of skill is considered as legal. This has allowed many gambling providers to introduce games like gin rummy, which requires a measure of skill. Right now, physical casinos are operational in the states of Goa and Sikkim. The union territory of Daman also elected to have its own casino.

What is the State of Online Betting in India?

In India, online betting is still in a state of infancy. There are no legal Indian online casinos or sportsbooks that one can use. According to Indian law, it is illegal for Indian businesses to set up an online casino where people can make bets with real money. However, many people have used a loophole in this rule. They turn to online casinos based in offshore locations like Malta, Curacao, etc. which are specifically aimed towards Indian customers. This is done by accepting payments and approving withdrawals in the INR currency.

States That Take an Enlightened Approach

Despite the almost puritan resistance to gambling from various states in the country, the tourist hubs of Goa and Sikkim have a well-established casino industry. In fact, Sikkim was the first state in the country to even float the idea of online gambling licenses in the year 2010. Despite not working out, Sikkim operates an online lottery that is open to all citizens of India. Sikkim also has two land-based casinos while Goa has ten. Four of this number are actually floating casinos that operate on houseboats or cruise liners on the river Mandovi.

Information Technology Act (2000) Loophole

All cyber activities in the country are fully regulated under the Information Technology Act of 2000. This Act does not allude to or mention online gambling anywhere in its text. As a result of this, there is no official restriction for Indian citizens to participate in online gambling from any legal offshore casino they can access. However, the state of Maharashtra has banned online betting under the “Bombay Wager Act”. Similarly, the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have banned online gambling from January 2020. There are rather serious punishments for breaking these  above laws.

Gambling Activities in India Despite Prohibitions

Despite the existence of all these prohibitive and restrictive laws, the online gambling industry in India is a flourishing one. In fact, critics of these prohibitive laws claim that the Indian economy is losing out on an annual amount of $30 billion in the form of revenue. Since this amount is spent on illegal and unregistered bets, not a paisa goes to the government. Sports betting is also incredibly popular in India, and many people make bets on IPL cricket, ODI cricket, football, etc. India has a virtually flourishing and burgeoning online gambling scenario.

Best Online Casinos & Sports Betting Sites in India

Here is a list of the best online casino and sports betting sites operating in India. If you want to play safely, then these are the best ones you can try out.


Cricket is the most popular game in the Indian subcontinent, and cricket betting is one of the most popular pastimes in India. IndiBet is one of the first Indian sportsbooks that focuses on cricket. This is a top choice for sports wagering fans who want to bet on cricket.

Apart from these two platforms, you can also check out some of the offshore platforms such as Leo Vegas, Betway, Casimba Casino, Casumo Casinos, and so on. These have a ton of amazing games and bonuses. If you want to try out sportsbooks and wagering, then it is the best idea to stick to a reliable name such as IndiBet.

Spin Casino

Spin Casino is an amazing online casino that has a massive welcome bonus, and more than a thousand games for you to try out. They have many demos and a smooth UI that you can try out. You can also make an account and enjoy the free spins!

Summing Up

This has been a detailed explanation of the online betting in India. All that you have to remember is – if you don’t live in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, or Telangana – then you’re free to participate in online casinos/wagering from a legal and safe site. It’s hopeful that India is moving towards legalization in the next few years.

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