A look into the future: What awaits cryptocurrency in 2023?

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No year in the small history of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry has been as turbulent as 2022. While the Bitcoin news before 2022 had been mostly positive with the price reaching all-time highs in 2021, it has since withered one of the worst crypto winters possible. The markets are not showing any signs of making a recovery, especially with the global economic downturn. 

But instead of the crypto news today, we bring you a glimpse into what awaits cryptocurrency in 2023. The early signs and the market resilience are a good start to the year. This could be a glimmer of hope that you’ve been searching for during the tumulus period the industry has been through. 

Cryptocurrency rehabilitation

The crypto industry has gone through lots of ups and downs in the past couple of years. Many people have made life-changing money, and many others have ended up losing their life savings. And it is the latter half that might require cryptocurrency rehabilitation. Events that unfolded with the collapse of Luna and culminated with FTX going bankrupt have had a massive impact on people, and they will require all the help that they can receive. 

Cryptocurrency rehabilitation centers were coming up all across the world, as some traded crypto like gambling. However, this year, crypto rehab will be for the trauma that has been faced throughout the year. 

The number of involved cryptocurrency users will increase

Despite the current  state of the crypto markets, its popularity is on the rise. The ones that have been in the space for some time understand very well that bear markets don’t last forever. And the crypto frenzy that was taking over the world in 2021 has mellowed. 

Nevertheless, this is not a bad thing, rather, the frenzy made sure that people took crypto seriously. Not just people but also business conglomerates, tech companies, financial institutions, etc. are now entering the crypto industry. This will bring in more active users that understand the mission of crypto and will be in space for the long run. 

Blockchain as an amplifier for world trade

2022 was a bad year, not just for the crypto world but also for world trade in general. Various factors, such as global recessions fuelled by the pandemic, wars, etc., have disrupted the global supply chains unprecedentedly. Blockchain technology can solve a lot of issues, such as:

  • Counterfeiting of medicines, medical devices, etc.;
  • Food adulteration; 
  • Music industry; 
  • Logistics; 
  • Money transfers; 
  • Internet of Things.

Many companies globally are pivoting towards blockchain technology with Meta being at the forefront of things. This would usher in a new era of mass adoption where blockchain forms the backbone of world trade. 

FUD is not going anywhere

Fear, uncertainty, doubt, or FUD, as it is often referred to, is as integral as memes, if not more. The doomsayers have always been around the crypto and blockchain industry and the events of 2022 just gave them more ammunition along with enough people listening to them. 

The FUD in 2023 will only get louder with each drastically volatile move that the crypto market makes. A very big example of this could be seen in the Binance FUD that spread like wildfire at the beginning of 2023. FUD will be amplified further as governments across the globe try to regulate cryptocurrencies.

Innovation drives cryptocurrency forward

As has been the case with each bear market in the past, it is the best time when real innovations happen. Crypto trading takes a backseat and its place in the industry is taken up by innovators building projects, platforms and protocols that take the industry one step closer to revolutionizing the financial world. 

With centralized exchanges and protocols going bust recently, the focus will again shift towards decentralization and DeFi will attract more developers and users. Some old projects might never recover, but new and more innovative ones will take their place. 


The future of the crypto and blockchain industries remain very bright in the long run despite what the present market conditions and FUD might suggest. And as a true believer in technology, you should not be too skeptical about it. 

There are many things that can be improved in the crypto markets. The direction it has taken since 2022 has been a course correction and will eventually weed out the bad players in the space. Once that is done, the next bull run might just see your favorite crypto projects going to the moon. 

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